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AUSTIN — The legislative process develops policy through researching, debating and passing laws.  A very important follow-up to these efforts is to ensure that the agency rules written to support the passed legislation are effective and implement what  the elected officials intended.

Monday, I presented commentary to the Public Utility Commission as they began to develop supporting rules for legislation I joint-authored in 2011.  HB 1064, by Reps. Jim Pitts, Byron Cook, Mark Shelton, and myself, is the culmination of a long-term effort to grant relief to youth sports associations, churches, civic organizations, other non-profits, and other non-residential customers who are assessed demand (or “ratchet”) charges throughout the year, even when actual electrical usage is either low or non-existent.

Part of the legislation was a requirement for the Public Utility Commission to implement a rule by June 1, 2012 for future rate cases that certain non-residential demand charges be waived if the entity met a load factor threshold established by the Commission.  As the agency begins its rulemaking process, utility companies, customer advocates, and other interested parties offered commentary to help the PUC interpret the intent of the legislation.

I wanted to be present and participate in the process to express the concerns of McLennan County constituents as to what the legislative intent was — ratchet relief for non-profits.  I very much appreciate the efforts and participation of Mr. TJ Ermoian and Mr. Walt Fenoglio for their professionalism, experience, and wisdom in these very complicated matters.  Through good faith efforts and vigilance on our part, I hope that this goal will ultimately be achieved.


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