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We’re all “Sell-Outs”

Recently, an obvious Democrat Hispanic called me a “sell-out.” I’ve heard it before. It comes from Hispanics and Blacks who think they are more “ethnic” than you. They think because we want to achieve success, that we must give up our heritage to do it. So we can live in the “White man’s world.”


What is it specifically that they think I sold?

It’s the crab in the basket theory…you know the one. One crab in a basket can climb out, but when you put another crab in the basket, when one tries to climb out, the other one swats its legs and keeps it from getting out.

That’s what we’re dealing with. People who for some reason are upset that Hispanics are coming to the Republican Party. The only way they can lash out is to call someone they don’t even know, a “sell-out.”

Let me tell you something…just because many of us have achieved some success, know how to dress, can do business and conduct ourselves professionally doesn’t make us sell-outs. Because we want a secure nation to raise our children doesn’t make us sell-outs. We’ve decided which Nation we pledge our allegiance to, and it’s the same Nation our grandparents fought and died for.

Because of people who want to see us fail, I call them the “dream stealers,” our community is suffering.

Unfortunately for the community, these same people are their political leaders, Commissioners, and School Board members. They try to control their neighborhoods with tactics that cut others down, and when they feel their grip slipping, they tighten up and turn up the heat. You see more rallies…more “May-Days.” More hype.

Recently I was ridiculed for not knowing Spanish fluently. Give me a break. Now we have to “out-Mexican” each other?

Whenever I hear someone call someone a sell-out, I think to myself…”Just another crab in the basket…” It means we’re making progress.

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