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A Visit with Parnell McNamara: Candidate- McLennan County Sheriff

Wednesday night we talk about McLennan County. From the dark streets of Waco to the rural regions of the county, there’s one person who all criminals should fear…the Sheriff.

Who will do a better job? Who has the experience and fortitude to stand up to the criminals? Who has a plan?

Whether you like it or not, McLennan County is in a prime area for gang expansion and criminal activity. Already, some parts of Waco post signs warning of being out at night…in known drug zones. Our high-ways are expanding and the traffic will increase significantly in the next 5-10 years as the Hispanic population continues to grow and the Texas Triangle begins to populate.

One thing’s certain. There’s going to be a new Sheriff. Who that is depends on you…the voter.

This week, we feature Parnell McNamara, Candidate for Sheriff of McLennan County, TX
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Parnell McNamara, a 32-year U.S. Marshal (retired), is a candidate for McLennan County Sheriff. He will run as a Republican in the March 6, 2012 primary election.

As sheriff, he will spend the majority of his time on the streets of our community (not in his office) protecting families in their homes, schools and churches. In addition, he will never ask his deputies to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.

Regarding issues that face McLennan County’s sheriff, McNamara said, “How we handle our jail situation in terms of security, safety and dollars is of utmost importance to McLennan County citizens. Also, how we address the civil service issue is very important to jail employees, and I recognize that they need a more level playing field. These issues should be addressed in an efficient and common sense manner.”

The Sheriff’s Office has a $23 Million budget that McNamara feels must be more conservatively administered, stating “Using my experience as a businessman, I will spend your tax dollars wisely.”

McNamara has been protecting citizens from crime since he was 16 years old, assisting his father who (at that time) was a U.S. Marshal. As McLennan County sheriff, he will prioritize investigation and pursuit of the narcotics war now going on in McLennan County, as narcotics are responsible for a majority of crimes in our area. To accomplish this, he will explore local, state and federal funding and assistance to ‘bust up’ the narcotics trade. His other priorities will include apprehension of fugitives, and expediting any backlog of warrants.
Law Enforcement Career:

Deputy U.S. Marshal for the U.S. Marshal Service: 1970 – 2003
McNamara’s duties as a U.S. Marshal included fugitive investigations, tracking down and apprehending dangerous and violent criminals, and protecting Federal judges and endangered Federal witnesses in high-profile organized crime cases. In addition, he worked as a Marshal for the U.S. Department of Justice, helping to seize assets from criminal enterprises.

Parnell is involved in numerous community affairs and organizations, including the National Rifle Association, the Texas State Rifle Association, H.O.T. Fair & Rodeo, and is a past member of Waco Rotary. He is a member of Lakewood Christian Church.

Parnell has received numerous awards, including the U.S. Marshal Service Director’s Special Achievement Award for his work in the case of McDuff (the highest award given by the U.S. Marshal Service). Among other awards, he has received the U.S. Attorney General’s Special Achievement Award for Sustained Superior Performance of Duty and the Texas Department of Public Safety Director’s Award (highest DPS award given to an individual outside of the agency).

His success as a Deputy U.S. Marshal has been recognized by many national and local media outlets, including: 48 Hours, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Forbes Magazine, Reader’s Digest, America’s Most Wanted, and Texas Monthly.
Personal Information
As a fifth generation resident of McLennan County, Thomas Parnell McNamara was born in Waco, Texas to the late Margaret and T. P. McNamara. His brother is Mike McNamara, a retired Deputy U.S. Marshal and currently a private investigator, and his sister is the late Betti Rose McNamara Driscoll. He married the late Linda Gail Foley from Uvalde, Texas, and he has two daughters, Amanda McNamara and Marisa McNamara Byers. He is engaged to be married to Charlotte Miller Kosub from Waco, Texas.

He currently owns McNamara Firearms Training, offering concealed handgun instruction. Over the years, he has owned and managed several local businesses.


Comments (2)

  1. Toni Riggs

    Parnell is the only man for the job. This article is true…Parnell will not lead from sitting in his office like the other candidate. Parnell will lead by example. His knowledge, experience and integrity far exceeds that other guy! McLennan County needs a real man for the job! VOTE PARNELL!

  2. Marian Bonanno

    Parnell truly is the man for the job. He is a truly nice man but a tough law enforcement officer. His credentials are impeccable. The county wil truly be safe with him at the helm,really. Vote for Parnell!

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