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Texas Democrat says We’ll end up like Jim Crow

In Waco, we have an active Democrat Party.  We encountered them at events last election, and had some interesting debate with them.  One gentleman in particular, Roberto Aguilar, a Tejano Democrat, was very active.  He wrote to the local Tiempo Newspaper and spoke at different events and forums.  He is definitely passionate about Hispanics, and committed to the Democrat Party.

Unfortunately, the only tactics he uses are fear-based and usually extremely inflammatory in nature.

This is an exchange from today on our website.  I thought you might want to join the conversation and add your input…


Sr. Duke. You all said that racial profiling would not happen in AZ. and it did and with such force that even I was shook up. Once the law and other measures were change, there developed a culture of hate towards anyone that looks Mexican. The report that was just released using the facts from the Sheriff’s depart proved the racism. Duke this is really scary because even you folks will be impacted if this trend is allowed to happen. You are smart and I am certain that you will see what their real intend is and that is Jim Crow for you and me.



Thank you for communicating with me. I had some minor communication with the Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Texas Democrat Party on what seemed to be common ground regarding the need to resolve issues. But before we start with the rhetoric that Republicans are racist, let’s understand that people in both parties are uncomfortable with what may come with an illegal immigration surge.

We can’t allow ourselves to look the other way as our country is being infiltrated daily.

The reason we are being negatively perceived is because of the actions of a few. Because of the illegal immigrant who goes out, gets drunk at the cantina, then drives a mother and child off the road…killing them both, you and I become wrapped up in the hatred we all have for people like them.  And because the media only promotes the bad, that’s all anyone sees.

Where is the outrage from proud American Hispanics? All we hear from are the Mexican flag-waving, anti-American protesters who say this country is evil, etc. All we hear are more empty promises.

The only way you and I will become the next “Jim Crow” is if we allow it to happen. I for one am not going to believe anyone who has lied already…like the current President. We have to make things happen ourselves. We have to organize and become an effective voice for determining our own destiny.

That’s why I was so disappointed to learn about your Party’s new program… The Promesa Project. What a hateful, waste of energy and focus. It’s more of the same ‘ol you know what.

“Look at the Republicans…they want to kill you and eat your children…” Roberto, surely you’re getting tired of that. Based on what I know of you, you want the community to succeed. That’s what we want. If your Party can ever accept that they don’t “own” Hispanics, and allow themselves to work on a bipartisan way, there’s no telling what we could do. But until then, we just have to continue building relationships and building the network.

Let’s keep this going…



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