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Texas Democrats try to Scare Hispanics into Submission

This is the most amazing propaganda video I’ve ever seen.  The way it totally misrepresents Republicans and our mission is an example of the lengths Texas Democrats will go to turn Texas Blue.

Republicans are Crazy for Latinos from The Promesa Project on Vimeo.

Their new website, The Promesa Project, is totally dedicated to keeping Hispanics from jumping ship. What they don’t get, is that Hispanics aren’t as loyal to their Party as they would like to think. We Hispanics aren’t going to be fooled by their rhetoric, which is beginning to fall on deaf ears.

It’s not that they want to improve the region, but that they want to ensure young Hispanics “Promise” to act as their little foot soldier and carry the message of the Democrat Party to the homes. It’s not that they’re actually concerned with addressing real issues and educating people. If they were, they’d be Republicans. But they’re not. The only thing they know how to do is brainwash and keep you in the dark.

Ask yourself…would you like to live in a state controlled by Democrats? Look at California. Look at the North East and North West. If you want a glimpse of what these Texas Democrats want…look no further than California. They would love to promise free government hand-outs to every illegal resident. They would find new ways to help get free cell phones in the hands of every person on food stamps or government assistance.

I’m posting this because we Republicans need to know what we’re up against. We need to know the opposition is constantly trying to take over. Like the constant battle in the Middle East, it’s all about control. There’s not end date. It’s a constant.

As a Texas Republican, it bothers me to know there is an effort underway to keep the “shackles” of poverty on our Hispanic community. Democrats are afraid of losing the Hispanic base…and for good reason. They know they’ve just been pulling the wool over the eyes of Hispanics, and their “gig” is up.

We’ve turned the lights on, and we can see the trash in the corner and the dirty carpet. The Hope and Change never came, and the people know it. The reality is, under President Obama and the Democrat Party, more Illegal residents have been deported. How’s that for the Compassionate Democrat Party?

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