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End the Hand-Outs, End the Cycle

Recently, I was visiting with a friend and candidate about his platform.  In it, he mentioned his 100% endorsement of the Republican Party of Texas Platform.  Since there are a couple of topics I have concern with on the Legal and Illegal Immigration planks, we got into a discussion on supporting a full review of the 14th Amendment (Birthright Citizenship).  I told him I could not support a candidate who wanted to pursue a course of amending the Amendment.

He replied:

” My curiosity in this discussion is reserved for why this is such an important issue for you. What policy position is preserved in your viewpoint by continuing current policy? What boundary is transcended by advocating for changing current policy such that you could not support a candidate advocating such a change? Given that a super majority of Republicans believe as I do on this subject, why is this a deal breaker for you?”

My reply:

There are many people in the Republican Party who are uncomfortable around Hispanics and Blacks. Can you acknowledge that?

They fear the future with a Hispanic majority.  They are the ones, like in McLennan and half the counties in Texas, who shun groups like ours because of our desire to be more inclusive.

The Republican Party Platform has been designed by, voted on and adhered to by many of these people, who “know not what they do.”

The Party’s approach to resolving these critical issues has not been influenced by people like me, who are good people, with a genuine interest in developing a path for a bright future for ALL PEOPLE.

The Party is what we make it, and one thing I’ve noticed in my short time in “politics” is the Platform fails to properly position Republicans as compassionate people.  Therefore, the hard work I’m doing to “draw Hispanics to the Party” and the relationships and rhetoric I’m talking is a lie because in reality, many Republicans are shouting at the top of their lungs to let everyone know we should round up all illegals and deport them.  No mention of what do do with the aftermath.  And to keep them from ever coming back, let’s end birthright citizenship!

Is that what our Party is?  Yes and No…

We’re trying to create a platform that allows us to have a tough stance on Border Security.  We don’t want people coming in illegally.  We want to punish the companies that hire illegals.  We want e-verify.  We want voting security.

You just need to understand the message you are putting out, which sounds tough, but actually proves a perception of those we’re trying to reach.  Our opposition can always point to our platform on immigration to end anyone’s thoughts of conversion to the Republican Party.

The problem with everything is not birthright citizenship.  The problem is we aren’t willing to “risk” doing what it really takes to resolve our problems.

What we really need to do is verify and document.  Each public school should be allowed to ask whether a student is legal or not.  Same with Hospitals and Government hand-outs.  We should start by removing the incentive.  People don’t want to come here just to be an American.  They don’t have a clue what it is to be an American.  They just want to come here to get the “hand-outs.”

I bet we can reduce the flow by at least 50% just by ending the “gravy train.”  But what happens next?  We don’t want to be like Alabama.  We don’t want to dissolve…we want to resolve .  We don’t need to grant citizenship, but we do need to document.  We need to know who’s living among us.  If illegal parents of legal children aren’t documented and paying taxes…contributing to society, then we should have a system to integrate them and assimilate them economically…so they are not a “burden” on taxpayers.  Dewhurst has mentioned a plan for this…

Let’s face it…if they were documented, with a temporary Visa, paying taxes and not taking government hand-outs, how much of a problem would you have with it?  Years ago, they used to pay their own way.  But because Liberals have written laws to take care of everyone without verification of residence…we now are faced with a runaway scenario.

We have a serious need to secure the border.  Who has a plan for that?  How much? What style?  No one knows…and no one’s willing to make a stand and demand it.

Here’s my point.  Before we run off on the 14th Amendment path…don’t you think we should dedicate all our efforts to stopping the incentives?  And acknowledge that the ultimate incentive isn’t U.S. citizenship as you and I think.  It’s what being a citizen gets you, and it’s all about the hand-outs.  End the Hand-Outs and end the cycle.

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