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The “Unqualified” Republican

I’m here to tell you, not all Republicans deserve to hold public office.  Some of them are just bad people.  They’re self-promoting, power-hungry manipulators who will lie straight to your face with a smile.

They’re the ones who lie about their residency to qualify.  They’re the ones who cheat on their taxes and never expect to get caught.  Many of them use the strength of the Republican Party to overcome their own personal deficiencies.  They use the Party like a shield, to block any challengers from their own Party and deter those on the “other side.”

Some of these candidates take from the Party.  I’m not talking about “things” or money…although some do that too.  I’m talking about credibility.  Honor. Integrity.

Some candidates don’t have enough character on their own, so they try to build on what the Party has established through decades of hard work and sweat equity.  These “unqualified” Republicans gallivant around, strutting as if they themselves have the characteristics of the Republican Party.

You know them.  They’re the ones who act like they’re entitled to the position simply because they have an (R) in front of their name.  They think they’re a different “class” of people…smarter than you and much more capable of making decisions on your behalf.

It’s the good ‘ol boy network, where they take care of their own.   These “elitists” in our party have to go.  There’s no room for people who choose to keep living in the past, refusing to acknowledge the present.  There’s no time to play the games and chase our tail trying to cleanse our Party of these people.

Next time you see one of these candidates, just smile at them…and vote them out!  They don’t deserve the honor of representing the people, much less the honor of being an elected Republican.  As a hard-working, on the ground Republican, it bothers me so many of these people make it through the system.  Is it because we’ve allowed them to do it unchecked for so long?  Probably.

Not anymore…those days are over with.  We must expose them for who they truly are, and unfortunately, the truth sometimes hurts.

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