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Are your Neighborhood Schools Safe?

Remember when you could ride your bike around the block at night and no one worried about you?  Back then, the “neighborhood” knew everyone.  They knew who our parents and grandparents were, and we couldn’t get into real trouble without someone finding out about it before we got home.

But today, staying out of trouble isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Today, “trouble” is hunting our kids.  In our local schools, gang violence, drug sales and bullying are on the rise.  Our schools were once “off limits” to gangsters, who were grown men.  Back then, they found their recruits in the streets of neighborhoods across the country.

But with the traditional family structure destroyed, many of our children are looking for something to fill the void.  They’re looking for acceptance and family.  Unfortunately, parents aren’t around enough to provide the guidance and support their children need to make the right decisions.

Maybe they think their future doesn’t look so bright?  Or, maybe they’re just testing the waters?  Either way, once they begin walking down the wrong path, the “streets” quickly take over, consuming them and destroying their future.

To break free is nearly impossible.

As parents, we should do all we can to ensure gangs aren’t penetrating our schools.  We need to know our children are safe, in a secure and stable environment where they can focus on learning.  Only when teachers aren’t afraid for their lives and students do not fear going to school, will we be able to achieve the heights we set for ourselves.

What are schools like in your neighborhood?

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Duke. I do remember the days when kids could go anywhere especially in Lubbock. Luckily, I grew up in Lubbock, Texas and still today, I think our schools are probably the safest in America. However, it’s a shame that education is one of the first things to be cut by our government when there is a lack of funds.

    Dennis Metcalf

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