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Newt Nailed it

I didn’t watch much of the debate last night, but as luck would have it, the few minutes I did catch were on Immigration. I walked in as Perry was talking about the border and explaining how his past ten years securing the Texas Border gave him more understanding. Then I think it was Mitt Romney making a confusing statement about what to do with the 11 million illegals living in America now.

Everyone was chiming in, sounding very uncertain about the path forward.

Then, the same question came to Newt.

Gingrich described the reality on the ground and clearly stated that mass deportation is not an option. He wants to figure out how to allow certain illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows and become documented. He wasn’t promoting amnesty.

The fact that he said anything in the first place deserves applause. He’s the only one with the backbone to take it square on the chin and call it like he sees it. Everyone else is too afraid of the “base” and how they might be perceived.

Newt said what needed to be said…period. Now he’s taking heat for it.

For what it’s worth, I appreciate his thoughtful and solutions oriented approach. That’s the kind of fortitude we need making decisions in Washington. Not someone who thinks they can play patty-cake with the opposition.

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  1. Duke, I agree with you. Newt got it right. This is what I have been telling everybody for several years!! Mitt has no idea of what the issue is with immigration.

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