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Krible Foundation Step in the Right Direction

I have just read through the Krieble Foundation’s “Red Card Solution” paper and must confess how impressed I am with this proposed system. Essentially what the paper proposes is the following: To create a massive guest-worker program (Non-immigrant Worker) by which those who are seeking employment in the US can find it without having to necessarily become a citizen of this nation. These Non-immigrant workers and their families would work for a specified amount of time, then return back to their country of origin.

Now here is where the paper takes an interesting turn: What does one do with the approximately 11 million immigrants in the US currently?—-Nothing, except allow the free market to solve this dilemma for the US. ……How?…… Simple. By allowing a great influx of non-immigrant workers, the pool for these workers quickly dries up, which means the families currently residing here would need to move back to their country of origin for a time being in order to apply for this “Red Card” (Non-immigrant Worker Status).

The one situation the paper does not address is that which was highlighted at the most recent debate. What about the families who have been living in the US, though illegally for 25+ years? The answer seems pretty simple. Agreed, a government busting up a family is the last action we want the federal government in which to engage. Moreover, as a pro-family party, it seems irreconcilable to advocate for a government to begin to break up a family with long established roots in the US. Therefore, it seems reasonable to allow these individuals to stay, granted they either apply for citizenship or the non-immigrant worker status, without initially needing to move back to their country of origin, but only imposing a reasonable penalty, enforced through mechanisms such as fines, etc.

This solution seems to avoid all the problems faced by this issue: 1. It does not grant amnesty. 2. It does not seek to forcibly deport 11 million people, who, like it or not, are a crucial aspect of the modern labor force in America.

Conversely, this solution seems to meet all the requirements of a sensible immigration policy: 1. Rule of Law upheld. 2. Does not use big government to begin breaking up families, separating mothers from daughters, and fathers from sons.

Comments (2)

  1. When I heard Newt Gingrich respond to the Immigration question, I knew he had put a lot of thought into solving the problem. He understands the issue enough to go deeper than the standard response…”secure the borders first” approach- which fails to address what to do with the 11+ million illegal immigrants living here now.

    I have to admit, when Newt was done with his response, I thought…”Now here’s a guy willing to take a hit for the cause.”

  2. I was curious what this plan entailed, and the only aspect I don’t like, if I understand the issue correctly, is it would use the market to still push those who have long-established ties in the US to move to back to their country of origin in order to apply for either a Green Card or a Red Card.

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