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Hispanic Message Resonates in Anderson County

I really enjoy meeting people for the first time.

In Palestine, TX, I was welcomed as the Anderson County Republican Club’s Guest Speaker.

It was an arrangement initiated by Bobby Vickery, a supporter of the movement, and someone who understands what’s coming down the pipe.

I knew the Anderson County Republicans were interested in hearing about our efforts, but didn’t realize how many people were ready to make a difference.

I began by introducing myself and letting everyone know about my background and how we developed. I let them know about the trends in Hispanic population, education, immigration, and shared statistics with them about their own county.

We talked about gang violence and the Cartels. We talked about issues relating to the Hispanic community almost to the point of boiling over. The people in attendance asked all kinds of questions and we exchanged in an incredible dialogue. They felt the passion of the movement and by the end of the night, several had come around to talk more about how they could get something started in Anderson County.

I met a young Hispanic man who was invited to come and listen to the message of Hispanics within the Republican Party. He felt our message was on point, and true to what he knew of the community. He could tell we were serious about these issues and felt comfortable talking about his interest in participating in the development of the Party.

Another couple had been referred to me about an immigration issue. I suggested the Trusted Attorney Network to them and they were sure to let me know they were making huge strides to getting their son-in-law through the process of documentation and citizenship.

The County Chairman, Mike Mart, was incredibly supportive and was genuinely concerned about the future of Texas. We talked about Voter Vault and how their small group could begin making a tangible difference in their county. I asked if the Chairman knew how to pull a filtered list of Hispanic Republicans on Voter Vault. “Yeah, I just type in the last name and pull them up that way,” he replied.

“Oh no…I’ve got to show you a trick to pull all the Hispanic Surnames in your county.” He opened his I-Pad and logged into Voter Vault. After a few “Top Secret” moves, he pulled the list.

77 Hispanic Republicans pulled up.

A few others gathered around to see the list and they started recalling names of people and looked them up. To their surprise, they were listed…with phone numbers and all.

“There’s your beginning,” I said. “That’s where you start.”

Palestine is in East Texas…and today I’m happy to report that we will be back to build the Stepping Stones initiative and penetrate the Hispanic community. A special thanks to the many wonderful people I met last night. From the Sheriff to the Feed Store owner, there is lots of support for this initiative, and I appreciate them for making me feel so welcome.

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  1. Duke,
    Sorry to miss last night was at a speaking engagement. I grew up in Palestine and they are wonderful people. Thank you for all of your efforts, your message is getting out there.

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