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Voting for Solutions

(As Published in Tiempo Newspaper)
By Duke Machado

Let’s face it; solving the immigration crisis we have in Texas is no easy task. While some understand the magnitude of the problems we’re dealing with, most don’t realize how it is draining the state’s financial resources, creating shortages for Texas citizens.

From Education to our Medical process, the increasing demands from undocumented immigrants are creating a dilemma we must soon deal with. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 70 percent of illegal immigrants receive welfare assistance, with illegal immigrants generally receiving benefits on behalf of their U.S.-born children.

Because so many are taking advantage of our welfare system, getting money for food, “free” education and “free” hospital services, you and I will soon be asked to pay more taxes so the state can afford these services. The thinking is that these are “Free” services…but they’re not. The taxpayers pay for it, and right now, there’s not enough money.

Some immigrants believe in our way of life and want to live as an American and do not believe in “taking” from the government. Unfortunately, in many communities, the mindset is “I’m gonna get mine,” as if they’re entitled to it.

Yes, we must find a way to document immigrants, allowing them to “come out of the shadows,” as Lt. Governor David Dewhurst said, but at the same time, we need to change the way we look at how the community promotes being dependent on welfare programs.

There’s no way we can deport 15,000,000 people. Deportation and wall building is not the answer, and neither is a broad amnesty program, or a DREAM Act filled with loop-holes and red-tape. Somewhere in the middle, lies the answer.

How we advance this dialogue is important, and protests, sit-ins and getting arrested to draw attention is not the way to get it done. We need agreement on both sides of Congress, in both the House and the Senate.

In Mexico, people are being murdered and dumped over bridges by the truck load. In a recent independent report commissioned by Texas Agricultural Commissioner, Todd Staples, our Texas border is basically being called a “War-Zone.” Cartels and gangs are operating with high-tech, extremely powerful equipment and weapons.

They’re taking over farms and ranches, establishing a “safe zone” one county deep into Texas territory. Right before our eyes, these Cartels are recruiting in our schools, finding Hispanic teenagers who are looking for a “quick buck” to sell drugs and join a local gang.

Businesses are being extorted and manipulated by gangs who make threats and force owners to pay up, or die. Local authorities aren’t equipped to deal with the harsh tactics and ruthless enforcement coming from the Cartels.

How can you raise a child in a lawless environment? How can we sit and do nothing as our freedoms are being taken away?

If we want to ensure our neighborhoods are safe and secure, we need to have enough law enforcement officers to handle the crimes. To have enough police, we need to ensure the City of Waco has the funding to support their efforts. We also need a strong Sheriff’s department, which requires the county allocate these funds to the budget.

Who sets these budgets, and what is their outlook on this critical component of safety? Answer is, your local County Commissioners and City Council. They’re the ones who meet, go over budgets and find ways to support the efforts of our law enforcement.

You as a citizen of this county, can decide who that person is, making sure it’s someone who understands your wish to provide a safe place to live, work and raise your family. We can put people in elected office who support our ideas and advance our issues. But before we can move forward, we have to vote.

Elections are coming up, and you’ll have a chance to make things right in McLennan County. Will Hispanics show up and vote? Your one vote can make a difference, so make sure you’re registered and informed. Watch the news and show up on Election Day to do your duty as an American Citizen.

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