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Dallas I.S.D., Hispanic Enrollment Stats & Trends

One look at this chart and you get a clear picture of what’s coming down the road for Texas. Look at the gap between Hispanics and everyone else. It’s easy to grasp the severity of our situation when it’s so clearly defined, yet why is it that many counties are not “sold” on the notion Hispanics will soon be the majority?

Failing to be proactive will undoubtedly result in a major crisis.

If we take the next 5 years and forecast the total number of enrolled Hispanics in the D.I.S.D. region, you can see the massive differential between the African American and Anglo populations. In just 5 years, Hispanics will enroll 325,000 more students than African Americans, and 475,000 more than Anglo.

With these enlightening statistics, it is impossible to think we can do nothing and expect to enrich the community through osmosis. We must address the education issues looming in our neighborhoods so we’re not having to deal with an uneducated population, more dependent on government hand-outs.

Recently, we met with Edwin Flores, D.I.S.D. Trustee and passionate advocate for advancing education as a means to advancing the community. He was aware of the impending growth, but has become more concerned with recent data coming from the district.

We look forward to working with Edwin and the Dallas County Republican Party to initiate the Stepping Stones education initiative. Republican volunteers working to positively affect the lives of Hispanic students and parents will create a tangible viewpoint from the community, and the Party will play a role in shaping the future of Texas.

Keep your eyes on Dallas…this will be a turning point in the movement!

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