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12 Point “Battle Plan” Missing Key Components

Like thousands of Texans who receive emails and updates from the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign, I was happy to learn about his plan to stop the assault on our economy.

Unfortunately, for millions of Hispanics who are concerned with the economy, there’s a few glaring omissions in the 12 step plan to recovery.

Here’s an abridged version of his plan.

1.       Repeal ObamaCare.

2.       Kill cap and trade.

3.       Stop the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from attacking jobs in right-to-work states.

4.       Revoke the offshore drilling moratorium.

5.       Restrain abusive environmental enforcement.

6.       Repeal Dodd-Frank.

7.       Slash corporate tax rates.

8.       Champion tax reform.

9.       Cut the federal budget and reform entitlements.

10.   Rein in the Federal Reserve and ensure sound money.

11.   Allow small—and medium-sized companies—to opt out of Sarbanes-Oxley.

12.   Pass a strong, balanced budget amendment.

Although I agree with these steps, I couldn’t help but notice something was missing.

Despite all the news and media coverage of the issues along our Texas border and rampant illegal immigration, Ted Cruz’ campaign did not consider securing the border as a means to stop the assault on our economy.  I would think a secure border would translate into a direct reduction of the drain on our resources, especially since we know 60% of immigrant families in Texas are taking advantage of the welfare system.

If we could reduce this amount, Texas may not be in such dire financial straights.  We could have enough money for our education system.  We could have hospitals that operate in the “black.”  And we could have a safer environment to raise our children.  Maybe it’s too big a task to begin securing our border?  Maybe these issues rank #13 and #14?  Either way, in my opinion, securing the border and dealing with our illegal immigration nightmare should be a higher priority than it seems to be in the Cruz camp, especially since we’re talking about Texas.

Comments (2)

  1. Tony Abad

    I for one have never been a one issue voter, Texas Senate race is no different. When voting for a politician, I do my research and look at his record. I look to their voting record and their consistency to the conservative principals.

    Political realty in the blogosphere is not being kind to Dewhurst. Yes, he has name recognition, yes he is independently wealthy and apparently a great fundraiser..but. Dewhurst dang record keeps getting in the way notwithstanding the fact that in my book he is a lifelong politician (not a good thing). It seems to me that some of his ‘misdirections’ are likened to sticking out a wet finger to find out where the political winds are blowing.

    While Cruz doesn’t have a voting record he has his work record for us to contemplate. Ted Cruz has successfully defended the ideals that built this country. Ted’s record has been recorded defending the conservative principals while at the state and country’s highest court.

    Currently polling has Dewhurst ahead of Cruz 22% to 10%. However fifty percent of respondents said they didn’t know who would get their vote next March. The race is wide open.

    It has always been my desire to educate the voter. An educated voter is independent voter. So I ask my independent voter friends to do your homework – don’t seek perfection seek righteousness; righteousness of moral law. Once you do, you will realize the Ted Cruz is the better candidate simply because Dewhurst doesn’t have the most consistent conservative record.

  2. I’m definitely NOT a “one issue” voter. I even like the steps Cruz wants to implement. I was just surprised that someone from Texas would not rank securing our border in the top 12 things they would do to stop the assault on our economy.

    To not address this particular issue is like walking up to a bleeding person and checking their temperature. Sure, they may have a serious headache, but if you don’t stop the bleeding, the person will die.

    But, as you know, based on the Ted Cruz interview, he doesn’t rank the issues this organization advocates (secure border & immigration reforms) high enough in my opinion. That’s my point…

    To not consider them as valuable enough to be viable solutions for solving our economic assault shows me that if elected, a secure border is not something he’s going to be concerned with. Maybe he thinks it’s not his fight? As my old boss used to say…maybe it’s not “the hill he wants to die on.”

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