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The Battle of Words

Immigrant. Illegal. Undocumented. Aliens. Mexicans. Jews. Christians. Arabs. Liberals. Democrats.

These days, people are afraid to say words that actually apply to specifically what they’re trying to say.

Instead of calling an immigrant who crossed the border illegally an illegal immigrant, some would prefer we say undocumented immigrant… undocumented “resident” is even better.

They (Liberals) would like to create the environment where we’re desensitized to the issue of immigration. After all, if we’re just talking about Texans or U.S. residents, then surely we need to help them obtain documentation. Right?

It’s the way the left plays games with people. On one hand, they try to govern our language and its use, while on the other, they spit racist comments non-stop, perpetuating class warfare. Should we listen to them? Should we be “nice” and play by their rules?

Fortunately, the media gives us examples of how it happens. Take the word “terrorist.” It is a word which has been used for decades to describe the acts of radical Muslims who bomb innocent people for their personal or religious gain.  They create terror through their violence.

But the Left didn’t like the way we talked about terrorists…calling them what they actually were.  Words like that were too powerful and difficult to overcome, so what did they do? On cue, the all switched words. Now, the pipe-bomb, dynamite carrying terrorists are peaceful people.  They’re called “extremists.”

What is an extremist anyway?  If someone was threatening my family, I would protect them to the extreme. Does that make me an extremist? No way!!

But, the terrorist is now on the same playing field as me. We’re no different…both extremists, and because of this illogical flow of language advanced by the left, the people become desensitized and the terrorists keep doing their thing.  We can’t be asleep at our post while the bad guys sneak up on us.  Before you know it, you’re surrounded.

Let’s talk about the President’s full name? Notice how people look at you when you say Barak Hussein Obama? They don’t like it! Why not? It’s his name isn’t it? Yes, but you can’t say it or you’ll be called a racist.

Talk about God in a public environment and see what happens. People get uncomfortable. Not because they don’t believe in God, but because they know others are cringing. They know someone will tell. It’s like constantly looking over your shoulder to see who’s listening. Is that what America’s all about? Seriously?

We must be bold and stand strong when we know we’re right. Our words do matter, and their meaning matters more. Keep speaking!

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  1. Dewey Ratliff

    Not only Keep Speaking, but Keep Speaking The Truth!! Too often, being “politically correct” is in fact being dishonest. If your communications don’t represent and reveal the full truth of the situation, but instead are the least bit misleading, then they are in actuality lies. Is an undocumented resident any less illegal? The implication is that they may just need some assistance with documentation. The truth is that they broke the law!

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