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A New Face in Republican Politics

As of today’s issue in Tiempo Newspaper, we will have a weekly presence. Again, we want to thank the Publisher, Ernesto Fraga, for the opportunity to express the views of Conservatives and discuss issues relating to our community. We look forward to the dialogue…

As published in Tiempo Newspaper – Waco,TX


A New Face in Republican Politics

By Duke Machado

Last week, there was a commentary about the gap in wealth among Hispanics and Blacks compared to Whites. It was an attempt to mix statistics with propaganda, and an example of the type of messaging that’s been going on in Hispanic communities across the country.

The commentary suggested we should take more from the rich and redistribute their wealth to those who “need” it.

This mentality is actually perpetuating a cycle of dependency on the government that traps people in a constant state of poverty. This destroys the incentive to achieve and become successful and independent through hard work.

What would you do if one day the government decided you weren’t giving enough? What if now, they wanted to cut into the grocery money you have earned and give it to others who feel entitled .What would you say to your kids who will have to live with less? I say, “Keep your hands off my money!” And you should say the same.

My grandfather always said, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”, we never felt entitled to anything we didn’t earn. But today, we see high-school drop-outs living with their parents, not working, playing video games and running the streets at night, and at the same time, many Liberals are trying to convince you the rich need to pay their “fair share.”

Let’s talk about the “rich” and their “fair share.” The facts are the top 5% of all earners pay close to 60% of the total tax base. Many of these people have built family businesses over a few generations and employ a large number of people. If 60% is not enough, then you overtax the very people who create jobs. When this happens they are forced to cut back and then guess who loses their job? Like the old saying goes, “No muerdas la mano que te da de comer.”

We should be thanking them for their contributions, but instead, many Democrats try to fool you into thinking we need to take more.

I don’t know about you, but I was NOT raised to take from people. I was NOT raised to take “hand-outs.” What difference does it make whether the “wealthy” have millions more in the bank? It’s theirs. They earned it. What right do Democrats have to demand more money? If they think they can take from the rich, what makes you think they won’t make demands on the poor? Already, President Obama is forcing Americans to buy health insurance. Are you ready for that? Can your budget allow for another $250-500 mandatory Health Insurance bill a month?

It’s time for Hispanics to rise up and define our own future. We are not a group of ignorant people wandering through life. We could be a powerful force that if united in a cause, can accomplish anything.

Rather than take from others, let’s be accountable for ourselves. We need to address issues like education, immigration, border security, teen pregnancy, gang violence and all the other things that affect the Hispanic community. This cannot happen if you are waiting for someone else to take care of it.

We are a New Face in Republican Politics; we are making the Hispanic voice heard
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