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U.S. Congressional District 25 Showdown

In Texas, the demographics are changing rapidly, forcing the creation of new Congressional Districts to offset the new growth.  One of these districts is Congressional District 25, stretching from Hays County (San Marcos) to Johnson County (Burleson).  With such a diverse region, I wonder who’s personality and background actually “plays” well in the district?

During the CD-17 race against Chet Edwards, we were faced with 5-6 Republican challengers in the Primary.  Most of us had no clue who was who or what they stood for…or whether they could be trusted in Washington if elected.

We will be attempting to interview the candidates in this new race, where some have already separated themselves from the pack.  You can count on us to get exclusive content and ask the tough questions…

But tonight, we’ll begin our Blogtalkradio broadcast series leading up to the Primary election.  It is our goal to provide the information you need to make an informed decision on who you want representing you in Washington.

If you live in Travis, Hays, Lampasas, Coryel, Burnet, Hamilton, Bosque, Hill, Somervell or Johnson counties, we encourage you to join in tonight and weigh in on who you think has a chance to beat the incumbent…(D) Rep. Doggett and his spin masters.

Democrats already feel the new district has been drawn to their disadvantage. Can we Republicans gain a new foothold in a long-time Democratic strong hold? We’ll see, but one thing’s certain…unless Republicans are informed and prepared for this election, ready to turn out and vote, we can’t make any gains. It requires action and dedication from all of us.

We’ll do our part….CLICK HERE to Listen Live!!

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