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Cain’s Electric Fence Statement Overblown

In a recent article on an Arizona website, news reporters claim certain Hispanic Republicans are done with the Republican Party because of a statement made by Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain.

It appears they found a disgruntled “Long-Time” Republican “Leader” to say he was leaving the Republican Party because of Cain’s statement.

What did Cain say to draw so much fire? Here it is : “When I’m in charge of the fence, we’re gonna have a fence. It’s gonna be 20 feet high. It’s gonna have barbed wire on the top. It’s gonna be electrified and there’s gonna be a sign on the other side that says it will kill you.”

For this statement, Lauro Garza, of Somos Republicans, has decided to abandon the Party. Not because of what Cain said, but because the Republican Party hasn’t forced candidates to monitor their dialogue on immigration.

Dee Dee Garcia Blase, another agitated Hispanic says Cain’s remarks are “disparaging.”

Let’s analyze the “disparaging” remark. First, Cain is describing what he sees as options for securing the border. Is that offensive to anyone? Not me…not most Americans.  Second, when he talks about an electrified fence, he’s saying it will be electrified, nothing more.   And finally, when he talks about the sign saying “it will kill you,” he’s warning people about the risk involved in attempting to cross our border.

Maybe, a sign telling people the dangers of trying to cross illegally will actually reduce the number of real casualties in our Texas desert? The way I see it, Cain did nothing wrong.  Soon, people like Dee Dee and Lauro will be trying to monitor all speech related to addressing immigrants and immigration.

Sure, we need to be compassionate, but we must also be firm. We’ve been “walked” on for decades…now a Presidential candidate wants to get serious about securing the border, and he has “Conservative Hispanics” concerned not with what he said, but how he said it?

Aren’t they aware of the conditions along our Border? I know Lauro is from Houston.  I know he’s seeing the mass explosion in population.  I’m sure he knows they’re not all legal residents.

To add more,  Texas Agricultural Commissioner, Todd Staples, commissioned an independent assessment of our Texas border. The results are frightening at least, but draw a clear picture of the “war zone” in South Texas.

We don’t have time to worry about semantics. We need to resolve issues.

Here’s what I wrote in a post on the website that posted the initial blog “Long-life Texas GOP Latino Leader Leaves Republican Party After Herman Cain Advocates the Death of Immigrants” (Cain Advocates the Death of Immigrants???  Seriously???)

“So many things wrong with this article/statement. First, before everyone (Democrats) get excited, Lauro does not speak for all Hispanics. In my opinion, he represents a minority of Hispanics in the Republican Party. Those of us who are willing to work within the Party to shape it are committed to the Party. We don’t jump ship just because someone said something that offends us.
I’ve had a few conversations with Lauro, and I would say he’s been disgruntled with the Party for some time.
It seems in this case, the frustration comes because the Party isn’t making a stance against “bigotry.” I say he’s dead wrong on that one. The Republican Party is making huge strides in it’s efforts to be inclusive of Hispanics, Blacks and everyone who believe in the principles of the Party.
Texas now has three Hispanic Republican Auxiliaries, and countless Hispanic organizations all working to counter the efforts of President Obama. The Republican Party of Texas knows what’s at stake regarding Hispanics, and I can assure everyone, the Leadership at the Party is determined to have a strong, Conservative Party.
Regarding Herman Cain, It’s not the responsibility of the Republican Party to monitor and control the speech of candidates. That’s something you might expect from Democrats.
If the people don’t agree with Cain, they won’t vote for him…plain and simple.
Lauro, I wish you wouldn’t have left, but maybe it’s a blessing. I would never fault a man for doing what he felt was right. We’ll continue building the Party, and if you ever decide to find your way back, we’ll be here with open arms.”

Comments (4)

  1. Carol Doucet

    I liked your article, Duke. Keep up the good work… do have a way of looking at both sides of the coin and these days it’s hard to stay balanced while on the edge of that coin. I have a lot of respect for you and GOPisForME.

  2. Thanks Carol. You’re out there in the thick of it too. I see you at the meetings. It’s so important to create the right synergy between all Republicans, regardless of Race. I do believe the Hispanic community can answer the call for help and turn this big ship around. I meet so many people…like Ralph and Raul, Tony, Sylvia, Linda, Naomi, Melissa, Terry, Sylvia, Ivan, Edward, Jason, and countless others who are fearful of what could happen in America. Just like you, they feel compelled to do something…to make an impact somewhere.

    United we stand…divided we fall.

  3. J Lyon

    How can you be pro-life and say things like this? Aren’t they people too? “Cain is describing what he sees as options for securing the border. Is that offensive to anyone? Not me…not most Americans”

  4. What’s wrong with placing a warning sign on a fence that could kill someone? Would you rather have no sign? Or would you rather have no fence? Or do you want a fence…just as long as it’s not electrified? Or, maybe it’s “OK” to be electrified, just as long as it can’t “kill” someone? Do you think Cain want’s to kill illegals? Is that really what you think? Of course Illegals are “people” too. That’s why we need to develop solutions so these “people” can come out of the shadows, and we can account for everyone living in our neighborhoods.

    J Lyon, we’ve got a WAR ZONE on our southern border. No one’s playing games down there, and taking statements out of context and twisting them to make someone feel like they’re not Pro-Life if they don’t agree with you is a recipe for complete distrust. As I mentioned in the blog, if his statement is reason for you not to support him, that’s your right.

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