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Pete Peterson, Challenges Kristi DeCluitt for Justice of the Peace in McLennan County

In 2010, McLennan County spoke up and elected a new District Attorney, Abel Reyna. The people were tired of dealing with a D.A. who was not only failing to do his job, but evidence now shows, had created a negative environment throughout the county. It was said that local police officers were frustrated with the lack of cooperation they were receiving from their own District Attorney.

Shortly after Reyna’s election, the majority of the previous staff walked out…never to return.

They may have felt guilty for letting the people of McLennan County down? Or maybe they just realized the “gig” was up. Either way, with their departure, a new era of accountability and respect for the office was ushered in.

In the same spirit, ( R ) Pete Peterson, a Vietnam Veteran and thirty-two year veteran of the Texas Highway Patrol, has had enough. He’s frustrated with the lack of accountability of the current Justice of the Peace in Precinct 1, Place 1, Kristi Decluitt , and is challenging her.

In the past, incumbents rarely felt the heat from their own, but in this particular race, enough is enough.

After speaking with Pete Peterson tonight, it was evident he felt it was time to take action and restore the once great office, held by previous mentors and respected men.

Peterson’s experience and willingness to continue his public service is a testament to his dedication to local community involvement and a desire to improve the county in which he calls home.

We met at his home in Hewitt, and after meeting his wife and granddaughter, we set up the camera and prepared for our one-on-one conversation about the conditions in McLennan County. The things he said resonated, and proved to me that he was willing to do whatever it takes to assist the local authorities in accomplishing their job.

“I don’t care if they need me to sign a warrant in the middle of the night…I’m used to it. My wife’s used to it…I’ve been on call my whole life,” exclaimed Peterson regarding his commitment to the job. According to him, too often, our Justice of the Peace officials are not available to do what’s necessary…and he wants to change that.

I encourage the voters in McLennan County, Precinct 1, Place 1 to watch these videos. They will show you the character and fortitude of a man who does what he says, and has a track record to prove it.

Comments (4)

  1. I have known Pete Peterson, since May 1993. I met him when he came to buy hats for his parents, who were returning to their home, after a visit to Waco. It has been a joy and honor to know Pete and his wife, since that first order.

    Pete Peterson is one of the finest law enforcement officers, I met in my 12 year experience of working with law enforcement. Never did Pete ask for anything, as a favor, because he carried a badge. He paid for what he ordered and made no demands to have his order placed ahead of anyone’s order. As a vendor of law enforcement ID products, I greatly appreciated his consideration of me, my time and my ability to produce exactly what he had ordered and deliver the order when he needed it.

    Pete Peterson’s word is his bond – what he says, he means. Pete Peterson will be an asset in our McLennan County Courthouse, for ALL residents of McLennan County. As a DPS Sergeant, Pete worked with everyone in DPS District 6 and on to the top commanders of DPS in Austin. He is respected by all who worked with and for him.

    I am honored to call Pete Peterson, my friend. If one does not know Pete, I urge them to meet him. Sit down and have a cup of coffee and just talk to him, about your concerns for our county. He will sit and listen to you, regardless of the time it takes.

    Elect Pete Peterson, Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1, McLennan County Texas

  2. I too have known Pete Peterson for many years. I met him when he first joined the DPS and I was the Criminal District Attorney for McLennan County. He has not asked for my vote nor support, but I hereby tender both to him. Besides my father, German Reyna, I have not met a man as Honorable, hardworking and dedicated as Pete Peterson. It would be an honor for me to refer to him, as “Your Honor”, if the voters decide to elect him as our Justice of the Peace. Good Luck to you Pete! Thanks, Retired Justice Felipe Reyna

  3. Lauren Pardue

    Pete, your Awesome and if i was old enough to vote, i would vote for you! you an awesome grandpa and an awesome person, Good luck.
    P.s. everybody should vote for Pete:)

  4. Diane McCrary LaGrone

    I have known Pete Peterson almost my entire life. My late father, Henry McCrary (DPS, ret.,), conducted testing for the DPS when Pete applied. I remember Dad coming home talking about this great big kid, hoping he would make it to the DPS Academy. My father had few heroes but, for him, Pete was one. Were he still with us, he would wholeheartedly endorse Pete for JP, a seat once held by Daddy’s dear friend John Cabaniss.

    I live in Austin but I’m coming home to campaign for Pete. You will not find a better candidate!

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