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This past weekend, at the SREC Quarterly meeting in Austin, we were visited by Texas Agricultural Commissioner, Todd Staples.

He was presenting a report on Texas Border Security and spoke to the assembly about the dire situation along our Texas border.

He had received many complaints from land owners along the border, and has been concerned with the increased violence and drug cartel expansion.

Because of this escalated level of violence, Staples sought the help of an outside, independent agency to determine a picture of reality along our border.

What he found is riveting.

Texas residents are basically living in a War-like environment…complete with strategy and tactics.  The outcome of which is yet to be determined, but based on the evidence, we are not far from serious trouble.

It has been discovered that the drug cartels plan on creating a safe-zone one county deep into Texas.  They’re doing this to not only escape the reach from the Mexican Anti-Drug campaign, but also to launch a much broader scale of their drug trade.

This report brings the reality and threat of militant gang-oriented warfare.  It also shows that these organizations live among us…in our own neighborhoods.  Drug cartels are working in unison with Texas gangs and recruiting in our cities and prisons.

You owe it to yourself to be informed on the truth about our Texas Border.  Take the time to read this report…then share it with everyone you know who is interested in a secure Texas.

Complete Report Here

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