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Man on the Street: Christian Arab talks Current Events and the American Dream

Christian Arab talks about Current Events and the American Dream by Duke Machado : “Man on the Street” Interview.

For several years I have known the gentleman in this audio. He is a business owner, Immigrant from Beirut, Lebanon, a “resistance” fighter, survivor, and proud American Citizen.

In past conversation, we’ve always discussed current events and his ideas on the Middle East. As I talked to him, I realized he would be an awesome interview, so on my way home from the SREC quarterly meeting this past weekend, I stopped in and asked him if he would mind doing an interview…since his perspective is so unique.

He agreed…

I pulled out my recorder, turned it on, and set it on the counter. He looked at it…backed up for a second, then I asked a question and got things started. I hope you listen to this audio from beginning to end. The wisdom is incredible.

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