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A Conversation with David Rosa on In-State Tuition for Illegals and Republican Volunteerism

David Rosa is the Volunteer of the Year in Senate District 26. He’s the Director of the Greater Bexar County Latino National Republican Coalition (LNRC), an Election Judge, Deputy Voter Registrar , Chairman of his Precinct Convention and an incredible asset for the Republican Party of Texas.

I met him at a meeting in San Antonio a few months ago, and knew he was the “real deal.” He talked about his previous activity in Chicago…working directly against the Democratic machine…talking about their ground game and the need for the Republican Party to strengthen ours.

He is a family man with the traditional family values we all talk about, and this interview/conversation captures his thoughts and opinions as they relate to current events and issues.

We talked about Governor Perry’s position on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, family values and volunteerism. He is a great man and Bexar county and Senate District 26 is fortunate to have him working in their region, and I am grateful to have such an ally in South Texas.

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