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Has the White House really pulled this Ford Commercial?

I hear the same thing from several of our customers here at the dealership. It’s not like they come in and first thing out of their mouth is, “I must buy a Ford to prove to the government that they need to stay out of private business,” but by the end of their purchase, they feel much better…satisfied that their money didn’t go to help a company that took taxpayer money.

Car dealers across the country are looking for new ways to attract customers, and in my opinion, Ford took a powerful theme and brought it out into full view…to attract “like-minded” buyers to the incredible new line of Ford vehicles.

Is it wrong to say what’s on your mind?

Last night, Sean Hannity had the man from this commercial on his Fox News program. They talked about the process of selection and the interviews he did to qualify for a chance to have his “feedback” aired on a Ford commercial.

I remember when I first saw it live on TV. I felt proud to work at a Ford dealership. I felt connected to my fellow Ford dealers, and I felt patriotic. It was good to know that there are people across this country who feel the same…fed up with the overreaching arm of government.

For now, this video is still “alive.” Whether it was pulled or expired, it seems to be disappearing… I admit, it doesn’t place a good light on GM and Chrysler, who have been trying to rebuild their image. One, chose to incorporate a very urban marketing approach, complete with rappers. The other is recalling images from years past…attempting to get their loyal customers to remember back when…and ignore the present.

When this ad aired, it made those “bailout” companies look bad, and the truth hurts. I guess it’s why so many people think it was “pulled.” They would like the public to think that Ford is gloating over this. We’re not gloating…we’re just grateful.

Grateful for being in the position to not have to take the money.

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