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How’s this for a starting point on Immigration/Border Security?

Sure, it’s a complicated beast, but we need to start somewhere…  Our Candidates aren’t talking about it, so we have to bring this to the forefront.  As we all know, nothing happens unless there’s a budget in place to pay for it.  Does anyone know how much it will cost to solve these major issues?  Or, do we sweep it under the rug?  Is it too big a project to tackle?  I don’t think so…especially with the escalated violence along the border…now penetrating our local communities.

General Outline to Solve Immigration/Border Security

1)      Develop Budget and means to Secure Texas Border

a)      Troops -National Guard, Active Military, Reserves

b)      Surveillance Equipment- Helicopters, Drones, Vehicles

c)       Facilities-Dorms, Housing, Training, Detaining

d)      Staffing-Military, Border Patrol, Support

e)      Maintenance- Upkeep, Repair

2)      Develop Budget for  Documentation Program

a)      Double thumb prints- Immigrant Pays

b)      Photo I.D.-Immigrant Pays

c)       Birth Certificate

d)      Proof of residence

e)      Proof of employment

f)       Criminal Background Check-Immigrant pays

g)      Biometric Check-Immigrant pays

h)      Facilities- DMV, Fed. Building, State Building

3)      Enforce Simpson – Mazzoli rules for Employers– Fines, Prison

4)      Eliminate Sanctuary Cities-No one is exempt

5)      Revoke welfare programs for Illegal Immigrants-Mandate verification of citizenship and penalize offenders

6)      Streamline Process to reduce wait time for Visas

Just some thoughts…what do you think?

Comments (4)

  1. Carol Doucet

    I’m impressed!…..sounds like you’ve put more thought into it than a lot of candidates. Maybe you should be running for office. 😉

  2. Paul Zimmermann

    Illegal Foreign Nationals are taking jobs from, American Citizens and Immigrats. It is taking jobs from those that are uneducated, no hig school diploma, and the unfortunate Americans that are mentally or physically challenged.

    When we expand a city, before the city releases a building permit they verify the infrastructure can support the new growth. That is what immigration laws are intended to do. If there are not sufficient jobs for Americans and Legal Immigrants, then we need to restrict growth until the infrastructure can maintain the growth.

  3. Paul, how wrong is it that we have to be concerned with high-school drop-outs competing with Illegals for jobs. Maybe American students should be more appreciative of the FREE education they receive. Maybe, they have lost their drive and motivation? Maybe, Illegal immigrants are in “survival” mode and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed…a mentality that’s being “lost” among many in the Hispanic community.

    Whether the city approves a new building or not, in my opinion, doesn’t have any bearing on whether jobs are available. We all know there are tons of jobs out there…problem is, many Americans…even those uneducated ot handicapped, aren’t willing to work them. Rather, they’ve become conditioned to take the govenrment hand-outs and welfare. Why work when you can stay home, in the A/C and play video games…and get paid for doing it.

    I know lots of illegal immigrants who start their own businesses and actually hire legal citizens…where does that fit into the equation?

    Bottom line…we still need to address the issues listed in the blog. Until we know what the budget requirements are, it’s pointless to talk about anything else.

  4. Jimmy D.


    I like what you have started with there. I would change the sequence a little though to me the first step is Enforce Simpson – Mazzoli rules for Employers- Fines, Prison. If the jobs dry up a lot of the remaining efforts will not be needed or at the least reduced.

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