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Putting a “face” on Illegal Immigration


Of all the interviews and film projects I’ve done, none compare with the footage we captured last night in Corsicana,TX.

Ralph Gonzales contacted me a few days ago and mentioned he had been speaking with a woman who had contacted him regarding the Immigration and Education meeting in Navarro County. Ralph mentioned this woman was very interested in what we were doing and wanted to know a little more. So, after an hour and a half conversation, it was decided she would go on record, as an Illegal Immigrant to talk about the challenges they face.

This Nicaraguan woman decided to tell all, in an attempt to help put a “face” on the issue.

First, I want to begin by saying we do not endorse Amnesty. We do prefer immigrants come to this country legally. We also must acknowledge there are millions of illegals living in America now, who must identify themselves and be accounted for.

Second, I understand the ultra conservatives may not be comfortable with some of the comments in this video. We also do not agree with some of the views and statements made in this video. However, after this interview, we continued the dialogue and through logical explanation, we were able to share our perspective and explain our positions.

It was an amazing night, ending with a stark realization…Democrats are not “friends” of the Hispanic community. Rather, they are the arm that has been teaching the community to take from the government and live off welfare programs. She realized the wool had been pulled over her eyes and the average Hispanic working to make a living, has been deceived.

I encourage you to watch this video and listen to what this woman is saying. From this understanding, we may be able to find a solution for the problems we’re facing in our Hispanic communities. Please comment and share your thoughts. Together, let’s turn up the volume on this issue.

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    Powerful footage Duke. Very emotional even for me. My brothers have family in Monterrey, Mexico. They consider me as one of them, and one day I will sponsor them to come to America but legally.

  2. This video hits people in different ways. We only ask that you listen to understand…we’re not asking for Americans to approve Amnesty. We just need to begin a real dialogue, so we can begin formulating solutions.

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