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Above and Beyond

We’re all busy.  With children, spouses, family, friends and work, who has time for anything else?  Who has time to dedicate to something beyond the norm?

To become an Activist means you’ve made the decision to give more of your personal time to a cause.  Whether it’s for Pro-Life, a church, the Republican Party, a Candidate or a movement, like the Hispanic Republican movement, the cause only advances after people decide to get involved.

I was one of those sitting on the sidelines…watching.  I thought I was doing enough to stay informed and vote, which is a good thing.  But, on the night Obama was elected, I knew I had done NOTHING to prevent it.  I knew I had been one of those people just grinding it out…making a living, supporting my family.  I knew I had to do more, or perhaps one day, I might wake up in a country I no longer recognized.

Since my “awakening,” I’ve come to realize how few people are actually involved daily in the advancement of Conservatism and the Republican Party.  To those who sacrifice time with family, I salute you.  You are answering the “Call to Duty.”

To those still watching from a distance, have you done everything in your power to keep America’s legacy strong?  Have you given your all for the defense of our Constitution?

Our opposition never rests.  That’s why they make the destructive advancements they make…because they are fighting as if their future depends on it.  They’re capitalizing on our lack of initiative.  Most of us are still watching reality TV, hanging on the words of New York wives and waiting for the next season of Dancing with the Stars.  In reality, our country is being dismantled, piece by piece…right before our eyes.

What will it take to wake up our community?  Do we have the will to fight for freedom?  Are we willing to go above and beyond?

As we all know, it’s not how you start, but how you finish.  How will we finish?  Will we end up in a camp for those who resisted, or will we end up in victory, knowing Liberalism and the assault on our way of life has been put in check?

If anyone is wondering…the time is now.

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