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Glenn Addison : Candidate U.S. Senate (Texas)

A few weeks ago, I heard Glenn Addison, Candidate for US Senate, speak at a forum in Waco. He was one of five candidates speaking in turn, answering questions presented by the Waco Tea Party.

Addison stepped to the mic …the room was ready to hear him respond.

They asked an immigration question relating to the problem we face regarding the 15,000,000 + illegal immigrants who currently live in America.   It was good to hear each candidate respond with an automatic, “First we must secure our borders…” But beyond that, no one was able to expand on the idea of what we might do with those illegals among us. No One had a solution. 

One thing though, finally, we were able to see minute differences in their responses… their differences began to show. Those paying close attention could notice.

For instance, when asked how he might secure the borders, Addison responded with a quick, “Borders, fences, walls…” approach.  He is a strong supporter of building walls, which is in direct contrast to the plans of David Dewhurst, who has said he was in favor of a documenting process for illegals.

Addison’s message seems to be doing well among Tea Party supporters…in fact, at the forum in Waco, he won the Straw poll…for what it’s worth.

But, as we decide who to support in 2012 for our Texas Senate seat, we must clearly understand where each candidate falls regarding our concerns for the security of our state, and the security in our neighborhoods.  We want to see a plan of action, tied to commitments.  Get to know your candidates…

This video was taken in Waco, at the Republican Women’s Club meeting.  For more videos, visit

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  1. It’s good to hear about all the candidates, as well as their responses. It’s hard to get news about the different forums, etc. Also, it’s important for a Senator to vote the will of the people, which has been lacking from a certain retiring Senator.

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