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Can US Senate Seat be won without Big Money?

For nineteen months, Lela Pittenger has been spending her own hard-earned money, travelling around the state, talking with folks about why she’s running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.  A well spoken, extremely articulate and thoughtful woman,Lela’s free-flowing dialogue is a breath of fresh air.

With all the politicians in the world,Lela comes across as the genuine article.  She effortlessly talks about tough issues like Immigration Reform and Border Security, despite what the extreme left and right may think.  Her ideas make sense…and they should, because Lela hasn’t spent one day in office.

The thoughtfulness of her responses tells me she’s spent a lot of time thinking through the many issues we’re facing today as a state and nation.  She unabashedly speaks about the medical system and its many flaws, hi-lighting in detail the many reasons to repeal Obamacare. 

We got into a discussion of Medicare and Medicaid…usually subjects of uneasiness and hesitation with most candidates.  We covered Afghanistan and the war on terror…and she didn’t blink.

When you add to the package a dynamic personality, and that she’s easy to speak with, she is an excellent candidate to consider.  So why is it that I had never heard of her prior to the candidate forum in Waco?


Money rules…money buys name recognition.  It buys air time, consultants, experience, contacts, and mail-outs.  Money buys elections. 

It leaves me thinking…if she had tons of money, she’d be much further along.  She’d be someone worth considering…after all, she’s exactly what the country is thirsting for…a representative of the people. 

Why is it when we think of who we will cast our vote for, we think about the candidate with the most money?  It’s because we don’t want to waste our vote on someone who can’t compete with the Democrats, who we know will come with the big bucks. 

Instead, rather than choosing the candidate that most represents us, we choose the one with the greatest potential to win.  IE…the one with the most money. It’s a sad commentaty, but unfortunately, it’s true. Lela Pittenger is someone who I believe would take the fight to Washington and serve the people of Texas, but it’s not up to me…it’s up to all of us. 

If positive attitude and straight forward talk is enough to win, she stands a good chance.  But if it comes down to dollars and cents…she’s got a tough road ahead.  You be the judge.  We had the opportunity to meet with her and talk about a few issues prior to the Forum.  Take a moment to get to knowLela Pittenger…she’s running for U.S. Senate, and she would love your vote.

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