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Illegal Immigration, Jobs and Zetas

Today I was visiting with a Hispanic man about the issues we face regarding Illegal Immigration. When the conversation began, I had no idea of his citizen status, but knew his children were all born here in the U.S.

Starting out slowly, I asked how things were in Mexico.  “Bad,” he said…”the people are coming here to survive.  They’re dying by the thousands just trying to get here.”  “I know,” I replied, “but why aren’t they going through the right process to come legally?”

“It’s too hard.  Only the rich can do it legally…the pobres don’t have a chance.  When you go to the Immigration office, they interview you and ask you questions about where you’re going, how long you’ll be gone, how much money do you have, if you have a place to live, family…only the professionals like teachers or doctors can get passports or visas.”

“So if a person doesn’t know anyone in the U.S., they’re out of luck?” I asked.  “Yeah…but they still need to come here for the jobs.”  And there lies our dilemma.  How does a man, with solid belief in God and family, provide for his family and ensure their survival…while living in a country whose economy is in shambles?

Here’s a quick run-down of the numbers and why there’s such massive flow of illegal immigration and death in our U.S. Deserts.

In America, at minimum wage ($7.25/hr), a person can work eight hours and earn $58/day.  In addition, if that person worked an extra two hours, at time and 1/2, they can earn an extra $21/day.  In total, they earn approximately $80/day.  In Mexico, it would take you two weeks to earn the same amount.  And we’re not talking about sitting in an office, processing paperwork…we’re talking about hard labor, no breaks and no time off.

Here, they earn $480/week …$1920/month.  Since many of these immigrants are single men, they share a residence and split the cost…allowing them to send more money back home to provide for their families.  In essence, this man was saying that the value of money is ten times greater in America than in Mexico.  Before they came to America for work, they would have earned 1800 pesos/month…an equivalent of $180 US dollars.

Now, they receive via wire, nearly 5,000 pesos/month…allowing their family to survive and thrive in a depressed economy.

Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that many of these immigrants are here illegally…and obviously working for someone who knows their illegal.  Lots of culprits in the process…including American business owners.

Moving on to another topic, we discussed the concept of documenting those here illegally…so we know who’s here and where they’re living.  We all want to live an a secure environment, and not knowing who’s living among us is a dangerous situation for us to be in.

“If there was a way for people (illegals) to come out of the shadows and fill out paperwork that identified them, would they come out?” I asked.  “They’re scared…and don’t trust anyone.  I don’t think they’ll come out unless it’s a plan the whole country is doing.”  “What do you mean?”

“They’re afraid of being set-up.  You know, on Univision, they say “if somebody comes to your door asking questions or saying they want to help you, don’t talk to them.  They don’t want to help.  All they want to do is find out where you live so they can call Immigration and get you deported.”

Struggling to remember the name of the group that was doing this, he finally remembered…”the Minutemen.  That’s who it was…they were going into the neighborhoods knocking on doors acting like they wanted to help, and the next thing you know, they were being raided.”  Now, attorneys advertise to Illegals on Univision and similar stations to guide Illegals and ensure they don’t give any information…ultimately creating the environment for secrecy and lack of trust.

“Is there a way to get the message out that people want to help?”  “Yes, you need to talk to the Catholic churches and the Mexican churches and Pastors.  Let them know you want to help and maybe they’ll let you talk to their congregation, but knocking on doors will not work.”  If we truly want to resolve Immigration issues, we must take the message directly into the heart of the community…the church.  Of course, that’s not news…we’ve known that, but who’s doing it?

Finally, we began wrapping up the conversation and ended with the subject of extreme violence along the border. Without provocation, he said, “The Zetas are killing people for money.  They stop the coyotes and ask each person for their money.  If they resist, they shoot ’em and bury them in a hole in the desert.  Did you hear about the grave they found a few weeks ago?  About 200 people buried…all chopped up.  Do you know why they were cut up?”  “No,” I replied.  “Because they cut out their organs and sell them…it’s all about money.”

After a 20 minute visit, I had enough to write this blog.  We’re facing a monster, and we’re playing with toys.  The monster doesn’t care about our well being, nor do they care if they sell drugs to our children.  In fact, they’re busy recruiting in our Texas cities, building their strength.  Their numbers are growing and we sit here and do nothing about it.

In history, countries have been overtaken bit by bit…under the noses of the people and the people did nothing.  When you are faced with the gang-banger who asks for your car, or is waiting for you to get out of your car at home…puts a gun to your head and takes your money, maybe then it will sink in.

Does your city have Zeta or MS13 gangs working your streets?  I bet you do…

In the end, we must accept a dreary reality.  It’s a mess…everything about it.  The Hispanic population will become the majority in nine years…will it be a time of growth and prosperity?  Or will we see violence grow and murder increase?  It’s up to us…you and me.

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  1. Duke, another well written and thoughtful piece on immigration, MS 13 and the Zetas. This is definitely a subject for much discussion and new ideas. And time is now! I am interested in getting some of our business leaders with you soon to discuss in detail and come up with a plan.

  2. Yes, we could sure use the help…most people aren’t aware of the dangerous environment Texas is creating and will have to deal with in the very near future. As always, I appreciate your comments and support!

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