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Motivated Republican High-Schooler : Colton Buckley

This is Colton Buckley, an inspired young man from Coryell county.  He is speaking to the assembly of Republican and Conservative activists at the recent SREC 22 Summer Seminar at Hill College in Hillsboro,TX.

If we had an army of motivated youth like Colton, we might just be able to counter the youth movement of the Obama Nation.

We always talk about how unconcerned our youth are with politics…that they “just aren’t paying attention.” Not so in Coryell County. There’s a fire-cracker in the Heart of Texas, and he’s just 16 years old. Speaking like a seasoned vet behind a podium, his delivery and message ring true regardless of age. He is a dynamic speaker and focused on his objective…to engage the youth and activate them into volunteerism for the Party.

2012 is just around the corner…it’s gonna be nice having some fresh “legs” in the game…don’t you think?

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