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“Keep it off Facebook”

The other day I was getting into a really good discussion with some Hispanic Democrats on facebook.

It started out as they usually do, with a Liberal “blast” across the bow…”You should know that the Republicans are not for the Hispanic communities,” said one Hispanic woman…obviously upset that we are making sense regarding our approach with Hispanic Republican outreach.

About 20 comments later, one of the Hispanic Democrats wrote, “This is not something we should be discussing on FB.”

And there you have it folks…fear.  Fear from the left that we are going to actually do what we intend to do.  Fear that their “grip” on the Hispanic Community is loosening, and fear that the Hispanic community will realize they’ve been misled.

We’re making an impact…but we must apply more pressure…continue the march.  It is good knowing we’re making people think about issues.  And in my opinion, the dialogue has been repressed for decades…it must come out…even on Facebook!

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  1. Tom Washington

    The election results in 2010 showed that more Hispanic Texans switched and voted GOP than previous elections. Texas Republicans added Hispanic elected officials to their ranks in greater numbers. The GOP is a party of inclusiveness.

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