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Being Subordinate to Government

I’ve been reading the Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson, which included his political letters. Reading words written by one of our founding fathers was like reading a warning from 1762.

Back then, under the rule of England, passing legislation or anything relating to politics or policy was nearly impossible.

Time after time, the representatives of our first colonies were rejected by British government officials, and faced a hostile regime, loyal only to the Crown. These appointed “Governors” struck down any attempt of the representatives to provide fairness to their constituents.  It wasn’t about being fair toward the residents of the New World…it was about being subordinate. If you weren’t, you might find yourself being transported to England to stand trial for your “crimes” against England.

It reminds me of how the current Obama Administration operates…with an “untouchable” attitude, unafraid of repercussions for their actions. In fact, Eric Holder, our Attorney General, is acting as if he is above the law…not mentioning a word about operation “Fast and Furious,” the sale of assault and military grade weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels. And what’s worse, we citizens of this great Nation are fine with that. We must be…right? I haven’t seen the protests in the streets or the media blitz condemning the Obama Administration for this sorry excuse of a task.

Just as England enforced their “Governors” to do the will of England, so too does Obama enforce policy upon us through “Czars,” unelected individuals acting on behalf of the President.

But in 1762, after being rejected in the House of Burgesses, Jefferson, along with a handful of representatives met at a local establishment and worked through the night, developing the early framework of our Declaration of Independence. Jefferson began organizing people in each colony to be early responders, willing to distribute messages and establish inter-colonial communication.

They knew there would be a time the people would need to defend themselves from the tyranny of the British. They knew their days were numbered, and because of this, they were tenacious in their tactics. What they were doing was not in line with the wishes of England, and these early framers understood the consequences of their actions and were fully prepared to fulfill their plans.

Flash forward to now.

Can you see the writing on the wall? Do we recognize tyranny when we see it? How is it we have become so weak in defense of our Constitution? We watch on television and listen to radio program after program detailing the decapitation of our founding documents and principles. What will we do when the time comes for us to make a stand?

Who will you call to defend your property as it is being taken from you? What will you do when you receive your letter to relinquish your weapons? Will you continue your passive approach, like the Jews of 1940?

The designers of our Constitution knew it would be attacked, for its threat to the world as a beacon of hope. They were sure to include the protections for its preservation, yet this document cannot protect itself from attack by Liberals who live each day trying to dismantle it.

It is up to us…you and I…to fight for Freedom. It is left to us to defend it from the likes of Barack Obama and his puppet masters. Jefferson was willing to put his life on the line…so was each signer of the Constitution. They were property owners, business owners and entrepreneurs. They were professionals, Lawyers and Educators who understood the potential of a life without restrictions from an overbearing government. They did more than talk about freedom, they worked to create a society to outlive all others. These professionals were in the trenches, many of them, including our first president, endured the unthinkable to give us what we have today.

Will we let them down by allowing the Liberals and Democrats to destroy the fabric of our nation? Or will we rise to the occasion and restore our Constitution to it’s full glory?

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