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A Conversation with “Indian Joe”, Liberal Hispanic

I decided to head out on Saturday afternoon to film a conversation with a Hispanic in a Hispanic neighborhood. The camera was charged up and I was ready to go, but where? I remembered the area of Waco near 25th and Bosque…a rapidly growing Hispanic community due to it’s large Hispanic grocery store. So, I cruised around the parking lot thinking…”I wonder if anyone will talk to me?”

After starting to feel like a stalker, I decided to keep driving…maybe stop at the park or something, when all of a sudden, I saw a hand-painted sign that read “Rinconcito Salvadoreno.” It was a new restaurant…a small portable building with a patio in front. There were a few Hispanics sitting in front enjoying some authentic food from El Salvador.

As I pulled up, I wondered if it would be appropriate to take my video camera with me? Oh, well…you only live once…

I found myself sitting down with a Hispanic Liberal Ex-Militant from L.A. We started talking about local issues and I could tell he was going to give me some good info, so I asked if he minded if I interviewed him. “Go ahead…I don’t care…you’re probably gonna think I’m crazy though…” he said. I turned on the camera and started rolling.

There are four video clips. The Mexican music, along with a scrawny little chicken running around, made for an authentic background…but is a little loud…I apologize in advance. But, the feedback this man, “Indian Joe,” as he introduced himself, had so many things to say…He was un-filtered and un-edited…except for one time…and told it like it is. If you want to know how many Hispanics think on the Left…you can learn from these videos. If you wonder if the Hispanic community realizes what’s going on…these videos will amaze you.

Topics included in these videos : Education, Culture, Obama, Gang Violence, Racism, Immigration, English, Slavery, and more…


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