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Hispanic Republicans Organizing in Navarro County


Was in Corsicana tonight, visiting with the core group of Hispanic Republicans in Navarro County.  We were planning for a meeting on the 26th of June, where GOPisForMe will present Stepping Stones and talk to Navarro County Hispanics about issues in our community.  We are extremely proud of the leadership displayed in Navarro.  From the County Chairman, Frank Steed, to the new Hispanic Republicans just entering the ring, it is clear, Navarro County is well on its way to addressing issues. 

After the meeting, we went outside the Party H.Q. for a short video and recap for the website.  I had no idea we would capture the best explanation of why it is so important for us to learn and speak English in America.  This video is awesome, and we hope you share it with your friends.  It confirms what we all have known…pandering to Spanish is a slippery slope with huge repercussions.

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  2. Duke, I agree, we are lucky to have you all here in Navarro County. Thank you for what GOP isforme is doing for our community. I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday. Frank

  3. I love what these guys are saying. Right On. To learn the English language is to have a better life and a brighter tomorrow and shows that a person is here to be an American. I also agree with the gentleman that it shows respect to our country it also shows that they are willing to assimilate and become a PRODUCTIVE part of our American society.
    As an educator I say to my young Spanish speaking students if you want to be a success in America you must learn English otherwise you will be destined to low paying jobs and a low standand of living. I also insist that their friends speak in English, then Spanish and again in English to help the child learn quickly and to reinforce our language. I do not agree with bilingual education especially in elementary education, learning English is easiest learned when immersed and upon entering pre-k/kinder.
    The man speaking in the captial of Austin with an interpreter after living and enjoying the fruits of America for twenty two years is an insiult to this country. Shame on him and shame on those that accused the representative from Arlington for being racist and insenstive. Society makes it too easy for immigrants to stay ignorant, dependent and enabled.
    GOP is for me is doing the right thing by getting out into the community and educating Hispanics. Thanks Duke.

  4. let me rephrase that….society makes it too easy for immigrants to stay ignorant of the english language and dependant on the government by enabling them with social welfare programs.

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