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If Hispanic Vote Decides it, Perry Wins by Landslide


That’s right.  I will layout the thought process I followed to bring me to this conclusion, and you will agree.

Rick Perry, Governor of  Texas, has been at the helm and in command of the strongest state in the Union, with the fastest growing population, most economically stable business environment and happiest residents (no State Tax) in the world.

Why do I think Hispanics will turn out for Rick Perry if he were to run for President?

First, he hasn’t done anything to offend Hispanics.  In everything he has said, he has been extremely careful to describe his intentions without making critical mistakes.  He doesn’t shoot from the hip on immigration issues, rather, he is thoughtful and concerned with how the Hispanic community will respond.  He always brings things back to his core beliefs in God and our Constitution…Conservative principles held by most Hispanics.

Second, he talks about securing the border, making Texas a safer place to live, work and do business.  Yes we need to address immigration head on, but positioning is everything, and Perry has positioned himself well among Hispanics.  We want to be safe in our neighborhoods…we don’t want violent Mexican Gangs hanging around…running the streets.

Most importantly, he has a personal touch with people.  He comes across as genuine and concerned for all citizens, regardless of race or ethnicity.  He wants his Texas residents to succeed and have the opportunity to chase their dreams without interference from the Federal Government.   All this is music to our ears.  He’s someone we can trust, and he’s proven his leadership in Texas.

Hispanics in other states will see him for who he is…a straight-talker who wants to reduce the Government’s grip on them.

Here’s a theory based on actual conversations.

Gov. Perry runs for President.  Lt. Gov. Dewhurst becomes new Texas Governor (would face little resistance), Jerry Patterson becomes Lt. Gov., and Ted Cruz becomes new Texas Senator.  We already know what Dewhurst thinks about Immigration…wouldn’t it make sense for Gov. Perry to at least be aware of what his Lt. Governor is saying?  Of course it does…and using that logic, we can assume Gov. Perry is fully aware of Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s statements on how we should be handling illegal immigrants living and working among us.

Hispanics across the nation will soon realize the solution is not citizenship, but documentation.  Immigrants don’t need to be citizens to get a job, buy a car or home, or go to college.  They just need to have a Visa saying they’re here legally, documented.  The Dewhurst plan creates the environment for illegal immigrants to overcome their obstacles and submit documentation for a two year Visa.

Do you know any Hispanics who would oppose this?  I haven’t met any yet.

In fact, every Hispanic I’ve talked to says it’s a win-win.

If Texas Hispanics feel this way, it is my belief Hispanics across the country would feel the same, and if Presidential Candidate, Rick Perry was working in unison with Gov. Dewhurst and newly elected Senator Ted Cruz, Hispanics will vote for Rick Perry based on his positions with immigration and the fact he is a man of his word.

Bye-Bye Obama…

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