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SREC-22 Republican Training in Hillsboro: July 9, 2011

R E G I S T E R        H E R E

We all know Barack Obama is a fund raising machine.  Those who supported his campaign in the past, donated large amounts of money to ensure their continued profitability and success.

As we know now, TARP was Obama’s way of paying back all those who carried him to victory in ’08.  Well, you can rest assured, those same donors will be shoveling loads of cash back into Obama’s re-election campaign.

With that money, Obama will pay for “operatives” to push his message, register voters, and advance his Liberal Agenda.  We can expect they will come out hard to regain the Hispanic vote, which has been virtually lost due to broken promises.  They will buy air time on network TV, cable and radio.  They will have demonstrations, protests and rallies, stopping at nothing to secure victory, sparing no expense doing so.

Knowing this, how do we overcome their political leviathan?

Find out on July 9th, 2011 in Hillsboro,TX at Hill College.  Janet Jackson and Jimmie Kerr, SREC Committee Members for Senate District 22 will be organizing a Training Seminar for Republican Activists and organizations.

If you want to do your part to make sure Barak Obama is not re-elected, this is where you need to be on July 9th. In order to participate, you MUST PRE-REGISTER on the SREC-22 Website and select from your choice of six specific seminars:

County Chairman Primary Training

Hispanic Outreach

Ballot Integrity Initiative

Social Media/Facebook

Voter Vault & Party Tool Training

Campaign Management

**  Please make sure you let us know if you are staying for lunch.  (Complimentary lunch for those who register)

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