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Response to NDN’s blog on Lamar Smith’s Immigration Reform Position


I ran across this blog, Lamar Smith Misses The Point On Immigration And The Hispanic Electorate. It was posted on, a group claiming they have become “a leader in economic and globalization issues; clean technology and the creation of a low-carbon economy; demographic changes, including the study of the growing importance of Hispanics, the Millennial Generation and the exurbs; U.S.-Latin American relations and comprehensive immigration reform; and the advocacy and use of the latest new tools and media.”

It was written by  Kristian Ramos on 6/1/11.  In it, Ramos says that Representative Smith has made several miscalculations and assumptions regarding Hispanics and immigration.   Ramos continued by suggesting Rep. Smith made a mistake when, in an op-ed in Politico, Smith said “Hispanics like law and order too“, insinuating Rep. Smith’s statement was “troublesome.” 

I decided to respond with a comment and have copied and pasted it below…

Hispanic Republican Perspective

Submitted by Duke Machado on 6/20/11.

A few things…

First, when Rep. Lamar Smith says “too,” it is my opinion that he is simply making the connection that Hispanics (legal Hispanics) have the same values and respect for law as you and I do.  Please don’t try to twist the meaning.  It doesn’t mean “As if the Hispanic community actually prefers lawlessness.”  You simply are misleading your readers when you say that.

Second, Hispanics, in Texas anyway, are not fooled by President Obama’s rhetoric on immigration…or shall we say…Amnesty?  You and I both know Hispanics will not trust someone who has “burned” them once.  They feel misled and lied to…and in my dealings with Hispanics…they will not support him.

Third, Illegal immigrants need to put forth the effort to become legal.  Just to clarify, legal doesn’t mean citizen…it just means they are here, working, documented and accounted for…with a Visa.  Is that too much to ask for?  I don’t think so…How is it that an immigrant from Mexico can move here in 1988 and think they can testify in a Texas Senate Committee hearing in Spanish?  What makes them think they do not need to learn English?  We have created this environment.  Our appeasement and pandering to Hispanics and Spanish has got us in a quandary.

As far as “fixing” the problems regarding immigration, we can start by enforcing the laws on the books.  I know you said “enforcement” isn’t the only option we should be working, but it is the most effective.  To create new laws requires a monumental effort.  With our Congress so divided, and everyone chomping at the bit to take credit for solving the immigration issue, it would be nearly impossible.  But, we do have laws that would take care of many of the problems we face today.

For example…businesses all across America are becoming wealthy on the backs of illegal immigrants.  They get raided by ICE, several illegals get deported and you don’t hear anything else about it.  Have you seen any prosecutions?  Have you seen these business owners put in jail, fined or had their license revoked?  No…and why not?  Because they contribute to Congressmen and Presidents.

If we want to truly address the issue…lets get down to brass tacks.  Let’s do as Lamar Smith suggests and “enforce” the law.  Is there something wrong with that?  Or has compassion taken the place of patriotism?

It will take both Republicans and Democrats to make this happen.  I’m willing, and so are countless other Hispanic Republicans willing to solve these issues.  You should take a look at what Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has to say about how we can do this…pretty good stuff.

I appreciate the dialogue…

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