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Hispanic Republicans Unveil Stepping Stones Education Initiative in Waco

June 16, 2011

Tonight in Waco, Hispanic Republicans and Activists met at the West Waco Library to launch the Stepping Stones Education Initiative. For the past year and a half, GOPisForMe has been crafting a plan to take education directly to the people.

For decades, Democrats have dominated our Hispanic communities…positioning Republicans as the “bad guys,” who want to deport all Hispanics. The community has been drifting in the wrong direction, and statistics show the Hispanic community trending toward drop outs and teen pregnancy.

It’s time for the Republican Hispanic voice to resonate with truth and clarity. People are tired of the lies and misrepresentation. It is our duty as Americans to help define the line within the Hispanic community, and we believe Hispanics will feel at home in our Republican Party.

Virginia Hermosa, Attorney – Austin, jumped in her car at 4:40pm to make it to Waco by 7pm to speak to our group. She gave a real description of some of the obstacles we may face as we march into the community. We were honored to have her as our guest speaker and are grateful for her friendship and trust.

The night ended with people signing-up for the initiative and high excitement. Hispanic Republicans from Navarro County, Falls County, Bosque County and McLennan County were all in one room…getting to know each other…building contacts and sharing ideas.

In case you missed it…here’s a 20 minute video of the beginning of the meeting, which includes most of Virginia’s speech. To get involved, Sign-Up and contact us today!

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  1. In her book (Amazon) “Hispanic Parental Involvement – 10 Competencies that Schools Need to Teach Hispanic Parents” Dr. Lourdes Ferrer states that in hundreds of interviews that she has done with Hispanic students, parent involvement is what they most commonly identified as the reason why they do not do as well as their White or Asian peers.

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