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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yesterday, we presented GOPisForMe  to the Auxiliary Committee of the RPT.  The State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) Quarterly Meeting was taking place, and GOPisForMe was on the agenda for a vote to accept us as an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. 

Before making it to General Assembly, GOPisForMe needed to pass a vote in the Auxiliary Committee, which recommends the Auxiliary for a vote by the General Assembly.  We were given the opportunity to talk to the Committee about our initiative and answer questions, ensuring our mission was in line with the Party, and members of the Committee were comfortable with GOPisForMe. 

We captured the audio presentation to the SREC Auxiliary Committee, and provide audio of that presentation.

Listen to internet radio with GOP is For Me on Blog Talk Radio

Saturday in the General Assembly of the SREC, as I sat there, waiting for GOPisForMe to come up on the Agenda for a vote, I couldn’t help but think of the many people who were first to step in and support this movement. 

Rowland Jackson, Roy Holloway and Jimmie Kerr, were the first financial supporters of the movement…they never blinked.  It was their donations and contributions to the Hispanic initiative that helped get us off the ground, and we appreciate the unwavering  support of these three men, who have served as mentors, passionate about the movement. 

I’m thankful for my friends in the Party, who I know will be there for us, as they know we will be there for them.  We are grateful for the support throughout District 22, including County Chairmen, Dan Davis, Frank Steed, Jack Smith and Tom Bratcher, who recognize the urgency facing the Hispanic community. 

To the spouses of these crazy volunteers and activists…God bless you!  I know it’s not easy to take your precious time away from family and invest it into something like Hispanic Inclusion.  Because of your individual sacrifices, the good of the movement advanced today.  I especially thank my wife Glenda, who is the most tolerant person I know. 

Of course, without the spark from Janet Jackson, SREC SD-22, this initiative would have been a figment of our imagination.  Because of her dedication to Hispanic Inclusion within the Republican Party, GOPisForMe is now an Auxiliary of the RPT.  Her ability to organize, train and motivate, is unparalleled, and we are fortunate to have her as our liaison to the RPT.

Tony Abad, Board Member of GOPisForMe and Stepping Stones co-developer, joined us on Saturday, as we visited with SREC members from across the state…getting to know the challenges they face within their districts.  We were happy to receive a unanimous vote in the General Assembly, and look forward to working with the SREC leadership and RPT to turn this big ship around.

If you are interested in joining the GOPisForMe initiative, CLICK HERE.  It’s time to get serious about our future…

Comments (4)

  1. Don Summers

    Is the HGOP planning on a Fourth of July Float, if there is a parade. I have found nothing for Waco on that day. Sent an email to Mayor Bush requesting information.
    Don Summers

  2. Seems like something we should definitely be a part of…let me know if you hear from the Mayor… I’ll check into it.

  3. Rowland Jackson

    Duke, thanks for the acknowledgement and thank you. We totally appreciate the hard work of everyone involved with GOPisForMe. The future looks bright for continued growth and the opportunities that abound for this outreach are almost mind bobbling. Your all’s patience and hard work are to be commended. Your website is outstanding as are your videos, ideas and plan of action. You guys don’t just talk which is what will start to be noticed by everyone who focuses in on what you are doing. We are very proud of you all. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you Rowland. The way you stepped up should be an example for others to follow.

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