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85 yr Old Hispanic Grandmother has Answers to Hispanic Issues

Believe it or not, some people are just realizing our state, regarding Hispanic growth and trends, is heading in the wrong direction.

For some reason, many Hispanics are becoming comfortable taking from taxpayers via welfare programs, food stamps, education, unemployment, government housing, WIC, and let’s not forget the ultimate misuse of our money…medical costs associated with uninsured and illegal residents.

At one time, it was shameful to take assistance from the government. To stand in line at the grocery store and pay with funny colored food stamps was just too embarrassing for the average person to handle. It meant someone didn’t have a job and wasn’t able to support their family, which would have destroyed the pride of a man or woman trying to “make it” in America.  Families pulled themselves together, applied more effort in looking for work, and found a job doing anything to pay their bills.  Of course, if a family did require the help…the taxpayers were there to help…as a safety net.

Now, living off the government is a way of life.  Somewhere in the past 30 years, people became more and more comfortable, and society became more liberal.  Eventually, these people realized they could survive by taking our money with no plan of ever getting a job or providing for their families.   We have perfectly healthy, able bodied young people just sitting around their living rooms, watching TV, playing video games, chatting on facebook and wasting their time…day after day. Not searching for work and no desire to work.  These are the people who turned out to vote for Obama, because they wanted that “Obama money.”

I asked my 85 yr old grandmother why so many Hispanics are without jobs, relying more and more on welfare. “Because they’re lazy. And why? Because their parents give them anything they want,” she quickly responded. “It isn’t like before, when they made you work. They’re so lazy they don’t even pick up their chones (underwear),” she added.

Then, my grandmother said the simplest, most profound statement regarding Hispanics and welfare…”They sit around in the house all day…because they don’t know how to work. We taught our kids how to work, and took them to Michigan to pick cherries and we picked cotton in Texas. We all worked hard together…and they learned the value of money. If they wanted something…they had to work for it! Now, parents give their kids an allowance…we didn’t give you an allowance…what for?”

Today, there’s an entire system in place to guide people to government programs, which serve as an “allowance.” We go out of our way to make it more convenient for people to take our money, making recipients feel as if they’re entitled to the money, making it difficult for them to give up the “free” handouts. In some cities, government housing facilities are being rebuilt, redesigned and upgraded to look more “upscale”, so the people living in those homes/apartments “feel” better about where they live. Waco gives 0% loans to “rehab” homes in Waco, but only if you make 80% or less than the median income.

How “equal” is that?

What would happen if someone living in Section 8 housing had to give up their two bedroom, air conditioned home and find a house for rent at full price? What if there was a time limit placed on government assistance? Would they finally get out and find a job or would they say we’re taking their homes from them?

After a 15 minute conversation with my grandmother, it was clear – we’re creating our own problems. We’re creating an environment that promotes laziness and lack of work ethic. We’ve been rewarding inactivity and under performance with “free” money. Now we must deal with the result of decades of liberal programs designed to remove all self-respect and dignity.

One last thing on my chat with grandma. While we were talking about the hand-outs our government gives illegals, she mentioned the one most people don’t talk about – illegal seniors living in nursing homes. Who pays for that?

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  1. The wisdom of our abuelitas!!!
    This problem is endemic ALL over America. The government is systematically spoonfeeding everyone to think they are victims. This is how you grow a socialist government from the cradle to the grave. It SUCKS the drive and ambition out of our youth and society in general and entrepeneurship wans and dies. Others are accused of being cruel or racist if you expect others to have to work hard to find a job or have to work hard to earn a living.
    Youth of America, look at the lessons from Spain and other countries around the world where this experiment called Socialism has failed with a capital F!
    Socialism = Failure to thrive

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