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While legislators in Texas are busy battling in Austin, working on the budget crisis,  passing legislation and drawing new lines to give their Party a favorable district, Hispanics are drawing political lines of their own. 

Recently an article in the Texas Tribune, by Aziza Musa , told the story of  Edilsa Lopez who was abducted at age 12 while walking on a street in her native country, Guatemala. 

But the article’s headline is ” Bill Would End Tuition Break for Illegal Immigrants.”  Why does a story about ending tuition breaks for illegals, start out with a sad story of a kidnapped girl in Guatemala?  Rather than talk about things that happen in third world countries beyond our control, we should be talking about the kidnappings happening in our own state.

We should be talking about the horrible graduation rates among Hispanics.  We should be asking why Latinas lead the state in Teen pregnancy.  We should be asking why some of our elected officials refuse to acknowledge the difference between a legal and illegal student in Texas. 

But no…we’re not supposed to talk about this.  As someone said to me today, “Why give Dems something to focus on?”  Why?  Because it needs to be focused on.  Our immigration problem can’t continue to be swept under the rug.  The reason most illegal students are still illegal is because of problems with documentation.  They’re in “limbo.” 

What if we do as Lt. Gov. Dewhurst suggests, create a scenario where illegal residents can become documented, give double thumb prints, show birth certificates, and come out of the shadows?  To be clear, this is not Amnesty, they will not become citizens by doing this.  Instead, they will receive a green card.  With it, they can get a job, start a business or go to college…finally able to become an American Citizen if they choose to continue on that path.   This is documenting – something we must do to know who’s living among us.   As my brother said in a conversation today, “We just need to know who the hell is here!”  (He voted for Obama…but has now seen the light.) 

I mentioned my testimony at the Senate Hearing on Higher Education and was curious what his thoughts were.  I was sure he would sympathize for the illegals, but he didn’t. 

When I told him about the illegal students testifying against the bill at the Capitol, he replied, “What do you expect?”  But when I told him that the illegals felt we (Republicans) were taking away their dreams, he paused for a second and said, “No…they’re taking away OUR dreams!”  “What do you mean,” I asked.  “Because we’re paying for them.  Somehow or another, they’re sucking money out of the state…and that money is the people’s money.  Our taxes are higher because of all the expenses we have to pay.  It’s a revolving door . A lot of Hispanic women are on welfare…legals and illegals.  Their daughters are all on welfare, they all get on welfare.  That’s how I see it,” he ended.

In this short exchange, he clearly showed his loyalty to America and identified the difference between legal and illegal.  If he’s talking like this now, I’d say the “Independent” voter is against anyone who does not put America and Americans first.  I would say that my brother is not a political junkie.  He works hard and is a Derrick man on a drilling rig – he’s as no-nonsense as they get.

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