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It takes a Kabbani to defeat Radical Islam in America

This Blog is from the Dogcatcher Project, which focuses on three Draftees for US Senate. Hisham Kabbani lives in Michigan and we’re trying to encourage him to run. The reason I posted this on the GOPisForMe site is because of the similar style of attacks we receive as Conservative Hispanics from the left.

by Duke Machado

When people talk about Radical Islamists – aka Terrorists, they normally do it from the privacy of their own home – with family or friends they can trust.

Sure, families talk about things that affect them most, like work, school and church, but once all the immediate topics are discussed, the subject normally shifts to world events and things happening in Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel or anywhere in the Middle East.

They feel times are changing and the America they used to know is being lost…maybe for good. Makes you wonder if this is what Obama meant when he said he wanted to “fundamentally change America.” The people having these conversations at home almost always say, “If only the government would do what we say, we wouldn’t be dealing with this crisis.” But no matter how good a plan they devise to save our country, it is only discussed at home, among friends.

Could you imagine what would happen if you went to work at the GM or Chrysler plant and started talking about the Islamic problem in America? What would happen? Would you be turned in for doing something wrong, or patted on the back for being a concerned citizen?

Is it wrong to talk about real issues facing us right now? Seems like it!

We see the same thing in Texas – but in Texas, it’s ALL about Hispanics. Any time a White politician makes a stand to enforce our nation’s Immigration policy, they’re called out by Democrats who are just foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to smack someone down. Therefore, if that politician isn’t willing to march forward with disregard for the outrageous claims, the issue is dropped. Unfortunately, the American taxpayer loses.

And if a Hispanic politician stands up and defends a secure border and takes bold positions on immigration, it’s no different. Democrats apply the same tactic. But there is one difference, the Hispanic politician can stand firm knowing he is NOT a racist. When he speaks, he speaks from experience, which is felt by other Hispanics. Ultimately, the charges come, but they eventually fade, and in the end, actions speak louder than words. He is in fact Hispanic and proud of his heritage. That he chose to stand for freedom and defend America makes him the antithesis of the liberal, Democratic Hispanic…he becomes their worst nightmare.

The citizens of Michigan are fortunate to have a man like Hisham Kabbani. He represents the voice of Muslims who have respect for every person and every religion. These Muslims own businesses, raise families and chase the American dream just as you and I do.

If you are concerned about the growing Radical Islamic movement alive now in America, it’s time to put someone in office who isn’t afraid to take on the Radical agenda and shed light on the Extremists living among us. If you want a representative who is highly respected in the Muslim community and the Christian community, you should become familiar with Hisham Kabbani. According to Kabbani, the majority of American mosques have Extremists in their ranks who use mosques to mingle with fellow Extremists and devise devastating plans in plain sight- and no one says a word.

Kabbani could be the man who pushes out the Radicals because he knows who they really are. He knows how they think and why they’re so extreme. He doesn’t accept their claim to the Muslim faith and states publicly, the inconsistencies in their logic regarding the Koran. If a White politician even thought about making statements similar to Kabbani’s they’d have the ACLU and CAIR so far up their “you-know-what’s” it would make your head spin.

Hisham Kabbani would be the perfect answer to the question we’re all asking ourselves…”Is anyone going to do anything about Terrorists in America?” Think about it…Do you know any Politician willing to stand as firm as Kabbani on calling out the Muslim community? Wouldn’t you vote for someone who spoke plainly, with focus and conviction and wanted what’s best for America? Someone willing to fight terrorism and call a spade a spade…?

Check out these videos to learn more about Hisham Kabbani

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