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Progress in Navarro County – WATCH VIDEOS!!

In past blogs, we’ve talked about the development of a new Hispanic Republican club in Navarro County.

Seeing the opportuinity to employ Republican activism to assist a fellow candidate, members of the Hispanic Republican Club of Navarro County showed up at the Headquarters building to make calls.

Greg Estrada, President of the newly formed club visited with us about why he decided to get involved in local politics and why other Hispanics should seize the moment to make a difference.

“If there’s one thing I want to say…the time is now!,” declared Estrada.  “2011 is our year to make a difference,” he added.

We knew this would be a great opportunity to show just how GOPisForMe works with Hispanic activists to make a difference in local, state and national elections.  The video we captured is real.  There are no actors and the people on the other end of the line are also real.

We wanted to deliver an example of how, working together with Hispanics, along with a plan of action, we can slowly change our course.

Using Voter Vault, we created two lists.  Knowing which precincts lie in Corsicana city limits, we pulled our lists of Republicans, Independents and Democrats.  The list revealed immediately why the Hispanic community is not represented well by Conservatives…out of several hundred Republican voters, only a handful were Hispanic.  However, when we ran the Independent/Democratic list, 25-30% of those were Hispanic.

We split the lists up and started making calls.

The experience was incredible and the realization of how many people were not aware of the election made it clear people were not informed voters.  As the night came to an end, we all felt good about the work we did.  We knew we were making progress in Corsicana, where for the first time in history, a Hispanic has entered the race for Mayor.

Here are the videos we made of the night.  Enjoy, and welcome the new Hispanic initiative in Navarro county!

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