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Three Questions for Republicans in Congress

Today I was speaking with a man from Nuevo Laredo whose brother lives in Mexico, struggling to survive.

Unlike many in Mexico who live in poverty, unemployed and starving, he’s got a “good” job as a CPA at a manufacturing plant.

But despite his education, he still lives like a peasant. For him, payday is a constant reminder of the dismal situation in Mexico, where he earns $160 per week, barely enough to feed his family. The man I was speaking with said, “He’s trying to get out…he needs to get out!”

The frustration is building and the pot is boiling over. I asked him about the corruption in Mexico. “It’s everywhere,” he explained. “You have to pay for protection from the same people you pay,” he replied…”if you don’t, they kill you.”

In America, we’ve all heard the saying, “no pay…no play.” But in Mexico, it’s more like “no pay…we chop your head off.” I’m sure some of you reading this blog think I’m exaggerating…maybe you think I’m an alarmist? If you’re wondering where all this is going and why such graphic descriptions, it’s because it’s happened before. In Cuba in the late 1800’s, the Spanish Army butchered families who didn’t cooperate or pay their “dues.” For decades, the United States watched, refusing to get involved, allowing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children to die miserable deaths. Ultimately the U.S. did come to the aid of a tattered Cuba, forcing the Spaniards out. Understanding our history and how it repeats might give us a clue as to what comes next.

What will it take to end the corruption in Mexico? Who knows? But just as in Cuba in 1896, the average citizen is at the mercy of police, citizen’s police, loyalists, drug lords, thugs and opportunists who terrorize the God fearing, freedom loving people of Mexico. Would you live under those conditions?

My guess is we’re not going to war in Mexico, so the next alternative for those living in fear is to leave. Leave their homes, family, and possessions behind. Leave the country, leave the lawlessness. We should be prepared for the exodus taking place now, but we’re not. If things don’t ramp up on our end, as in speed up the immigration process, we’ll witness a continued increase in human atrocities, murders and devastation.

For now, the Mexican economy is still surviving…but for how long? Already, the average Mexican citizen is stretched thin…more bad news or a decline in manufacturing will reduce the low paying jobs that barely exists now.

How long must we just sit here and watch? It’s time for SOLUTIONS…not rhetoric.

Here are my questions for any Republican representative in Congress:

1. What is the cost of securing our border?
I know everyone will say, “Well, we need to do an analysis. We need to determine which approach is best. We need to ensure we do not obstruct commerce”…etc, etc. We already know we need to do that. Who’s handling it, and what are our options?

2. When will our border be secure?
Everyone says they want to secure the border, but if they really wanted to, it would be done. Who is willing to fight for this? Who isn’t “afraid” to make a stand, regardless of whether they get re-elected?

3. What is being done to improve the immigration process?
That it takes someone 10+ years to gain access to our country is absurd. To wait 18-20 years is just pathetic. Those Christian families in Mexico don’t have 20 years for us to figure it out…they’re being MURDERED.

The future of our glorious nation depends largely on how we address immigration and our borders. Yes, we’ll still be a major Super-Power in the world, but in order to maintain that status, we’ll NEED immigrants desperately. Why? Because American birth rates are not sufficient to keep up with the growing demand for skilled labor. Figuring out how to embrace immigrants and streamline the process is vital to the success of our way of life.

Whether you like it or not, we can’t just continue to sweep this under the rug, we have to lead the charge!

Comments (2)

  1. terry

    i hear you saying we will have illegals one way or another so hurry up and make them legal. You can’t put a price or a time line on becoming an American citizen. What do you say to all the immigrants who are waiting in liine, filling out the paperwork and paying the price?
    Mexico needs to fix Mexico. America needs to defend America. The compromise is not “oh well, what can we do? The corruption is so bad in Mexico we have to take them all and give them citizenship without having skills.” We have enough unskilled labor in this country sitting on their butts getting welfare.
    If it wasn’t easy to be big fat and happy we would not have an immigration problem…turn off the faucet. Companies that take advantage of illegals should be the first to be hit with HUGE fines. Let’s start with that.

    • Terry, I’m not saying we need to “hurry up and make them legal.” I’m saying we need to quit talking about securing the border and just do it. We need to stop talking about immigration reform, we need to make necessary changes. To act like nothing’s happening, or it’s inconvenient to address the issues we’re facing here in Texas is irresponsible. We – that’s you, me, our families, friends and loved ones…all of us need to focus on the issue. Yes, Mexico needs to fix Mexico, but what does that do for our fellow Texans being harassed and intimidated along the border? Do we just tell them to wait…Mexico’s working on it?

      Of course not.

      Do you think 20 years is a reasonable time to wait for the opportunity to become a citizen? What were you doing 20 years ago? Could you imagine being a Mexican citizen with the desire to provide for his family, willingness to complete all appropriate documents, and skilled enough to get a job within a week in America…yet forced to wait 15-20 years?

      I do agree with your statement about the businesses. When they fear a real fine, they’ll quit hiring illegals. Once word is out within the illegal-Hispanic community, it will slow the flow. But to turn off the faucet will require a huge commitment to dedicate the resources. Do you know anyone willing to put their “career” on the line to make that happen? They say it’s political suicide…

      That’s why I asked the questions…who’s willing to step forward?

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