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Hispanic Democrats’ Tactics, Getting Old

Articles everywhere are saying the same thing…Democrats feel the Hispanic community slipping away. Once thought an “automatic” vote for their liberal agenda, Hispanics are not going quietly into that good night. We can see right through the lies being dished out to us from Obama’s non-transparent administration. Hispanics feel bamboozled by Obama and in 2012, we’ll prove it.

Democratic tactics in the Hispanic community are medieval, and there’s no regard for truth. They spread lies about Republicans, thinking they can maintain control of the messaging by instilling fear. In reality, even within their own community, their outrageous claims are falling on deaf ears.

Rather than dig deep into issues, working on ways to improve the community, they are content with business as usual. Some of these hard-core Democrats act like “guns for hire,” blasting lies and degrading good, honest people who are trying to make a positive difference in our Hispanic community.

Who believes these chihuahuas? They yap like runts, always crying or complaining about something. But instead of helping, they’re doing all they can to disrupt progress. You know these people…they’re the ones who, if alive during WWII, would have helped the Nazi’s round up the Jews. They’re the ones who switch sides whenever it’s convenient and think they’re above the law.

They live among us.

In the Hispanic community, they’re the ones who will come to your door, telling you they need money for the children, yet nothing ever happens and they drive around in new cars or buy new houses. Mark my words…you do not want these people living among us. When President Obama initiates his Civilian Police force, they’ll be the first in line…believe it!

That’s how things are done in the Hispanic community…at least that’s how it’s been done. Just like any other civilization that tried to keep their citizens oppressed, eventually, they rose up and fought back. Well…that time is now. We must recognize these people when we see them. We must call them out and draw attention to them and their deceitful ways…before they come knocking at your door.

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