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Join us for Falls County Cinco de Mayo – May 7th

Falls County Republican Party, SREC22, GOPisForMe.Com and the Republican Party of Texas, join to produce an evening of family fun and live entertainment.

We ask you to join us in the revival of the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Tomlinson Hill (Off 320 and FM 2027) near Marlin.  El Balet Folklorico : Las Estrellas de Waco dance team and the Rosebud dance team will perform several traditional dances.

We are extremely happy to present Live music from Acoustic Dream, an acoustic flamenco / salsa band from Sana Antonio.  Their music is incredible.  Take part in the “Grito” contest or have a seat at the Jalapeno eating contest table…or just sit back in the shade and take it all  in.

We’ve got a Jumping house for the kids, Mexican Bingo, games and prizes. Food, BBQ, Gorditas, Drinks and more…bring your chairs and blankets and get ready for an awesome day!

The significance of Cinco de Mayo is important because it was this battle which ultimately created the circumstances for the United States to work together with Mexico to remove France from the Americas.  It is in this spirit we come together at Tomlinson Hill.
The committee, whose members include, Janet Jackson , Mary Lou Baker, Randy Flores, Jim Pfrommer,  Regina Webber, Valerie Parker and Falls County Republican Chairman, Jack Smith welcome you and invite you to celebrate with us.

We hope to let the community know that we, along with our affiliates are committed to the Hispanic community and are prepared to do the work necessary to advance conservatism and the Republican Party.

Comments (2)

  1. Robert

    last year the Go pis for me group and the Tea Party were at the city of Waco Square protesting the Cinco of Mayo. What were you doing here in Marlin getting the names of Hispanic so you could run them out later? What hypocrites you all are. You care less about the meaning of the day but more about trying to con the Hispanics in Marlin. They know what you stand for and that is Anti Hispanic.

    • Robert…First of all…GOPisForMe was in downtown Waco protesting the “May-Day Rally” for all those Illegal immigrants who were not American Patriots, but were claiming they had rights. They were for Amnesty and were aggressively protesting America. I, along with others, stood in the square, with a P.A. system and let everyone know that I am Hispanic and I am NOT for Amnesty. I am NOT for Open Borders, I am NOT like the typical, stereotype Hispanic the TV portrays. In fact, we were few, but have grown since then. So, your comment about “protesting Cinco de Mayo” is false…as is your claim that all we want is the Hispanic vote. Don;t use those tactics on us…we’ve heard it all before…and for the record…it was a Hispanic Republican rally…not a Tea Party rally.

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