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GOPisForMe & Waco Tea Party Working in McLennan County

Frustrated about high taxes and government spending, the tea party faithful rallied Friday night for change.

In Temple, Waco and across America, tax day rallies are going on – lashing out against big government.

These tea partiers share the same message: stop big government and big spending!

Waco Tea Party President Toby Marie Walker says there are several fundamental issues driving this grassroots movement. “Taxes, spending, over-reach of the government, spending rainy day funds,” she says, “and we can go on and on!”

Walker says there is not one blameless level of government. “It’s city, local, county, school board, state, federal,” she says, “people are just fed up with the over-reach of the government.”

That “fed up” theme is what brought dozens of tea partiers to Indian Spring Park in downtown Waco for the third annual tax day rally. Duke Machado with says, “Those of us who were just sitting on the sofa watching things happen, it’s time to get involved.”

District 22 Senator Brian Birdwell was one of the rally’s guest speakers. He says his priority this legislative session is getting back to the roots of what is important. “Protect the classroom, protect our most vulnerable when it comes to healthcare,” he says, “particularly medicaid and nursing home folks, things of that nature, public safety.”

With the conservative victories in 2010, tea partiers say now is the time to keep pushing forward on the 2012 budget and presidential election. “I think the tea parties have led to the majority changing,” says Walker, “and they have also really woken up the general public on the issues of the day, which is taxes, spending, the budget.”

Former Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams was another highlighted speaker at the rally. He had the crowd applauding as he said, “When government expands, freedom contracts.”

Williams plan is line with the tea party’s: cut…even if it is not popular. “We have got to cut spending,” says Williams, “we have got to end the earmarks and we have got to stop this slide towards European-style socialism.”

Those in attendance also had the opportunity to sign a petition against Representative Bill Flores voting in favor to raise the debt ceiling.

Reported by: Britney Glaser/Photographer: Carlos Ramirez
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