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English as an Outreach, Not as a Reprisal

What comes to mind when I say the following: Republican Party and immigration? Unfortunately, the grim reality is that the image you probably see is the image I also see. I must confess that it is at times hard to ignore the portrayal of the Republican Party as hawks concerning immigration, especially with some of the wording in the Republican Party 2010 Platform. However, I shall attempt, as I will with all of my postings, to approach modern political issues not in a way which shall seem offensive or Orwellian. I pray that you stick with me in hopes that through dialogue, a clear and conservative solution can be found.

As you can tell from my avatar I am certainly one of the younger individuals who actively participate in I must first note that I too understand the generally prescribed problem facing the Republican Party: it seems it is filled almost exclusively with Americans with pale skin tones. However, unlike others who see this as the eventual downfall of the Republican Party, I choose to see things differently. As I am sitting looking out my window from my desk, I am perpetually filled with optimism and hope about the Republican Party’s future, for I know that ultimately people, when given the private choice between liberty or a “soft tyranny”, to quote Alexis de Tocqueville, will every time choose to live in the light and warmth of freedom and liberty. With such knowledge, I know the real problem facing the Republican Party is not age, nor is it a lack of shared principles with the general American public. The chief problem is ultimately how the Republican Party packages and sells the message; it is this problem precisely to which I will dedicate the majority of this post. I discuss the topic of immigration by concentrating on two areas which are linked to the subject of immigration: national security and assimilation complemented by economics.

Let me be open in declaring my position has little, if nothing to do with the conjured image of an all white America. Such nonsense is absurd and runs against the tide of progress. America is certainly the land of opportunity. Evidence of this claim is found in the fact that in the 21st Century American political discourse has as discussion topic immigration itself.

On the sub-point of national security, immigration plays a key role in the conversation for two reasons. First, the CIA has evidence that Al Qaeda is using the poorly enforced border to gain access into the United States. Secondly, these individuals who have immigrated to the United States, whether legally or illegally, have come here seeking a better life, but are instead stuck in limbo as they are now being followed and affected by the violent Mexican drug cartels. If the United States is to remain the land of opportunity, a shelter for the “poor, tired, huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” then we must with all efforts secure the border to protect not merely our own citizens, but those who have come to the United States begging for protection and help.

The matter of assimilation, while afore separated from economics, truly finds itself intertwined with the topic. Indeed, here we find that education such as English as Second Language classes (ESL) to be remarkably beneficial to promote and quicken the assimilation process. I need only to point to the globalized world as evidence that the United States has been able to house all immigrants in assimilation with unrivaled success. However, such actions as not promoting and encouraging the learning of English have proven in the long run to the present period to sell our friends and neighbors short of the potential that should await them here in the land of opportunity. Our globalized world is becoming dominated by the English language. This course will not reverse, as the American markets will still be the center point of the world for the coming century. Today, not having access to the American markets is crippling to a nation who seeks to engage in international trade. We need only look at the lack of progress in Cuba or the revolts in Iran to validate this claim. With this single lever, the United States will continue to dominate the international stage, drawing the globe closer into the English-speaking world.

My suggestion is therefore for the Republican Party to begin to sponsor ESL classes not because of “Hispanic-phobia” or any other nonsense but because we understand not merely the intent of immigrants but of all human beings. We understand the innate desire of a parent to see their child succeed and surpass themselves. We understand the needs of our immigrant friends and neighbors in order to assimilate into the American society is not to tell them to learn English, but to offer them help to achieve this goal. English ought be used as an outreach and not as a reprisal.  Lastly, we understand these fathers and mothers seek only to support their families, and that by reaching out a hand to assist them through assimilation, we can aid them in achieving their dream.

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  1. Thank you for such a great post Matthew. Blogs like this will gain traction because the message is on point. Hispanics must understand that securing the border is not a punishment, rather it is like you said in this blog, a security issue. We don’t want to live our lives in fear…neither does anyone else…having a secure border is essential.

    Also on ESL…I agree the Republican Party needs to recognize that this is critical in the immigration process…English is a must. We look forward to reading future posts…

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