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Meet Jonya Williams, Waco City Council Candidate (District 4)

When we arrived at Jonya Williams’ home to talk about her candidacy for Waco City Council, we weren’t sure what to expect.

Tony Abad mentioned she was passionate about Waco and focused on being inclusive of all citizens in her district.

If you live in Waco, you would do yourself justice by watching the following videos.  Her primary issues are poverty, which she stated was 26% of Waco’s population, Education, mentioning Susan Combs’ website and developing the downtown district, ensuring transparency with the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program and accounting practices.

“I’ve got the budget right over there on my table,” exclaimed Williams, who seemed to suggest there was the possibility of mismanagement of funds.  “I just want everything out in the open,” she added.

We discussed poverty and how it lives in much of her district.  From the government assisted living area of Parkside Village, to the neighborhoods on Austin Avenue, Jonya has her hands full.  We asked her what she would do to be more inclusive of her constituents?  She talked about how she would serve the people if elected, always being available to address issues.

Her vision for Waco is clear…it’s time for some new ideas!  She’s obviously not a Waco elitist who sits at home and never gets her hands dirty.  In reality, she works everyday for what she and her family have… oh, another reason I know she’s not an elitist…her husband’s a fireman.  Firemen don’t marry elitists…

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