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Could Michael Williams be our next Senator?

I was asked to capture the moment in Hillsboro, as the newly formed Hill County Tea Party introduced itself to the county.  It was a great day for filming…the Boy Scouts raised the US and Texas flags to the National Anthem, Vets stood at attention and families sang out loud as the flag was raised high. 

Debra Medina was there, along with Michael Williams, Commissioner of the Railroad Commission of Texas, which regulates the oil and gas industry.  Recently, Michael Williams announced his intention to run for the vacated Senate seat belonging to Kay Bailey Hutchinson.  His positions on critical issues within the Hispanic community are important and we felt should be known to Texas voters. 

The interview we conducted was stripped of rhetoric and to the point.  When we were done, Williams jokingly said to his assistant, “He hit me hard on border security and immigration.”  I laughed and said, “hey…we’re just having a conversation.” 

We have done our best to keep the interview in tact, with minimal edits.  As you watch, consider this…Our border needs to be secured.  Who do you think will make that happen?  During the interview, we asked Williams if he felt he was the underdog. With a grin he said, “No…I see myself in the lead.”  You decide.

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